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Are you looking for a BMW transmission exchange in NJ? Your transmission is a vital part of your vehicle, but needing to replace your transmission doesn’t mean needing to replace your ride. European Exchange offers expert BMW transmission exchange in NJ to help you extend the lifespan of your vehicle and keep you moving at the speed your busy life demands.

BMW has a great history of amazing craftsmanship and their dedication to attending to the details. Older BMW cars are not left out as well. These cars are known as classics with wonderful engines. These cars, however, still require regular maintenance to be in optimal condition. One of such maintenance is the servicing of the BMW transmission. Many times, servicing the BMW transmission is ignored.

The transmission of the BMW is one the most intricate parts of the automobile. The transmission works with other components of the car to regulate the acceleration of the BMW. Many are often ignorant of this fact. It is important that the transmission is maintained properly as replacing a transmission can cost you thousands of dollars.

The health of the transmission in the BMW depends on two things: the transmission fluid and the transmission filter.

Transmission fluids are very important for the transmission to work properly. This is because the transmission can be subjected to wear and tear as it functions. To reduce the wear and tear of the transmission, the transmission fluid provides the needed lubrication. This can also help prevent overheating.

As wear and tear happen in the transmission, it is possible for some metal fragments to break off and enter the transmission fluid causing contamination. If this happens, the metal particles can cause gradual deterioration of the transmission as they circulate throughout the system. To prevent this, cars have transmission filters which trap these abrasives and metal fragments before they cause damage to the transmission. It is important, however, that the transmission fluid is free of those fragments regardless.

BMW cars have great transmissions but this does not mean that they do not need servicing. To know when your BMW transmission needs proper servicing, here are some signs that can signify when your transmission needs servicing.
  • If the transmission fluid starts having a brown color or if it starts to turn red, then there is a need for servicing.
  • Another warning signal of the need to service the BMW transmission is when you smell burnt rubber. Sometimes, the smell of burnt rubber might not be from the tires, but from the transmission.
  • Overheating can be another sign that your BMW car needs servicing. The transmission fluid has cooling properties that help reduce heating. When the fluid is older, the cooling properties become lower, thus increasing the risk of overheating. When shifting gears, a flashing red light alerts the car owner of the need for servicing.
  • When you step on the gas pedal and there is a delay in the revving of the engine, it could be a sign of issues in the BMW transmission.
  • During acceleration, if the car shudders, it could be because the transmission needs proper servicing.
  • If the transmission fluid leaks from the car, your transmission might need to be serviced.

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