Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Clutch Repair in Bergen County, NJ

On today’s blog we at European Exchange would like to discuss the clutch of your car and clutch repair in Bergen County NJ.

The clutch is one of the most essential parts of a functional vehicle. When the clutch is not working optimally, it can make driving quite a daunting process.  The clutch works by linking the engine to the transmission.  Since the engine is always running, the clutch has to have the capacity to effectively connect and separate, even when the wheels are not turning.  Although automatic transmissions have a larger number of clutches, they still operate in the same manner.

Clutch Repair in Bergen County, NJ 
Indicators that you may need a clutch repair
The clutch connects to the engine through the flywheel. When there is no pressure placed on the clutch pedal, powerful springs force the clutch disc against the flywheel.  The friction created between the two parts creates a connection, and the engine’s motion is passed on to the transmission. Holding down the clutch pedal causes the powerful springs to relax.  When the pedal is not held in place, the disc loses contact, which causes it to stop spinning, therefore breaking the link.

When the clutch is about to fail, an experienced driver can recognize some telltale signs.  One of the top ways to tell that your clutch needs replacement is when it reaches a biting point.  As the clutch mechanism of the vehicle begins to wear out, the biting point becomes lower, which means that the clutch pedal has started losing its capacity to function properly.

Clutch durability
Like most parts of a quality vehicle, the clutch is designed to remain functional for as long as possible.  With continued usage, however, the friction existing between the flywheel and the clutch will cause the plate to fail. Technically, a clutch should service you optimally for at least 50,000 miles; new models tend to operate for close to 80,000 or 100,000 miles depending on the rate of usage.

Repairing a clutch
An experienced and knowledgeable car owner has the power to replace a clutch, but the process is relatively complicated. To repair a clutch, the drive shaft must be removed, and the transmission must be disassembled in order to get to the clutch. You may need to support the engine with a hoist; therefore, you must have the proper equipment and expertise to pull off a home repair successfully. A skilled professional from European Exchange can assess the problem adequately before formulating a plan to move forward. More often than not, clutch repairs that are done by professional tend to operate more swiftly and last longer. We’ve been repairing clutches for over three decades so we know just how to get it done.

To learn more about clutch repair in Bergen County NJ, call us today at 201-880-6633. One of our experts will be happy to speak with you. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fleet Transmission Repair in NJ

Fleet transmission repair services are quite popular in the crowd that’s into logistics. All the commercial vehicles like aircrafts, cars and ships are parts of fleet management. Without getting into too many details related to fleet transmission repair in NJ, we at European Exchange want you to know how to select a reputable one from the list. It becomes difficult to choose one when there are so many and the list is quite long. The simplest thing to do is choose a fleet transmission repair service company that has the following qualities:

Fleet Transmission Repair in NJ 
  • A well-experienced staff that’s known for the kind of repairing services it provides: It is the staff or the team of the company that creates its image in the market. Thus, search for a company that has an excellent staff.
  • A name that’s known to many in the market: Always go for a company that has a well-known reputation and name in the market. Only good companies have a positive image within their customers.
  • A name that’s used by not only your sister-companies, but competitors as well: Always go for those fleet transmission repair services that are admired by your competitors. Your competitors would always want to be ahead of you and hence you can count on all those things that they do.
  • High quality services that promise to meet all of your requirements: Search for a company that
    would give you high quality services. The other things don’t matter if the company gives you good services. We have been in business providing excellent service since 1992, so you can be sure that we know just how to treat you and your car: with friendly service and great care!
  • Services that you can afford: Even if you run a company, you surely have some sort of budget that you can’t cross. Search for companies that promise to help you stick to your budget.
  • Repairing services that you can trust for your needs: Some of the companies can’t be trusted; you need to search for a company that you can trust. Do a little bit of research before randomly selecting a fleet transmission repair service company.
  • All those fleet transmission repair services that you need: You may have a huge list of needs; you need to go for a company that serves those needs. You might want to visit the website of the company in order to know what kinds of services it provides.
  • Services that can be hired just when you need them: What if you urgently need a fleet transmission repair service team and it has no time for you? Some of the companies are so busy that it becomes difficult for you to hire them. You need to search for a company that is ready to provide you with the service you require just when you need it. We understand this concern and so we chose to expand our facility to be able to help more people at once.
  • A team that’s polite in handling your queries: You may have a list of queries in your hands; all you need is a company that has polite executives to handle each one of them. If you think the team is not polite, search for another company. At European Exchange we have always answered our calls with courtesy and respect for the customer.
To learn more about our fleet transmission repair in NJ or to learn more about us, call us today at 201-880-6633. One of our experts will be happy to speak with you. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Transmission Rebuild in Bergen County, NJ

Transmission rebuilt is all over the internet. Companies or articles talk about transmission rebuild services, its costs and other things that are not the actual facts about transmission services. The reality is so different from want you are told or what you read about transmission services. Today we at European Exchange would like to demystify the transmission rebuild process by providing you with quality content.
Transmission Rebuild in Bergen County, NJ 
As with any rebuild you want to get the best value for your money. Regular scheduled preventive maintenance of your car transmission can reduce the need of transmission rebuild in Bergen county NJ, but despite your devout efforts to avoid any potential engine troubles, ravages of time will eventually catch up with your car. This is why you need to face the prospects of transmission rebuild, knowing a little about transmission rebuild, will help you when determining if you need a transmission rebuild or to buy a new one.

New parts may not stop the inevitable
If your car problems are detected earlier, it might not require full transmission rebuild. Transmission rebuild may only be required if your car needs a complete rebuild, but you can replace your transmission if it requires replacing and if it’s an electrical problem, transmission repair can be done without having to remove it from your car. This will save you time and money.

What does a transmission rebuild involve?
Transmission rebuilt process includes:
  •  Removing and dismantling your car transmission
  • Chemically cleaning the transmission, the process involves running it through parts washer.
  • All worn or damaged parts are replaced with new ones, including seals and gaskets
  • Perform electric repair if needed
  • Once the transmission rebuild is over, it is reinstalled back to your vehicle

Before the transmission rebuild is done, first transmission diagnosis is done to your vehicle to determine the cause of the problems, and of your vehicle will proceed with transmission rebuilt or not.

The cost of transmission rebuilds
The cost of transmission rebuilt varies just as any other automotive repair services. The cost is determined by different factors among them the type of the vehicle and the extent of damage on the transmission. No one can determine the cost of transmission over the phone without analyzing your vehicle. As much as the cost is important, consider the value of repair work performed.

If you are looking for transmission rebuild services, transmission technicians should offer you a 12-month warranty on any service they perform. Don’t settle for less or you may lose your vehicle from subpar services.

For more information about transmission rebuilds in Bergen county, NJ or to learn more about us at European Exchange, call us at 201-880-6633.