Thursday, October 26, 2017

Transmission Repair in Bergen County NJ

Your transmission is one of the most crucial and structurally complicated parts of your vehicle. The transmission is what helps your vehicle shifts its gears and direct your wheels where they need to go. How can one tell when their transmission needs be repaired? If you happen to be driving and you notice that your vehicle is shaking too excessively even while paused in front of stoplight, or if your vehicle is emitting an odd smell, or if you're trying to shift gears but your vehicle is not responding...then its time to get a transmission repair in Bergen County NJ.

Our vehicles get us from one place to another. Of course, they don't always do so without problems. Our vehicles can't stay on the road without occasional maintenance and check ups. However, what happens if your vehicle's transmission starts acting up?

If you're on the road and notice your vehicle emitting these issues such as:

  • Transmission not following through with gear shift
  • Shaking, jerking or grinding noises
  • Odd smell
It's about that time to get your vehicle a transmission repair in Bergen County NJ.

Transmission Repair in Bergen County NJ
European Exchange is the auto shop you can trust with your vehicle's all important transmission repair in Bergen County NJ. We have been servicing transmissions for over 38 years. Our technicians are trained and knowledgeable with an enormous variety transmission types for vehicles both foreign and domestic and can expertly perform the repairs they require.

Our technicians work to give you prompt and detail transmission service. We understand that your vehicle is your best friend who you rely on to carry you through life and keep you safe. We want you to understand that you can rely on us the way you rely on your vehicle.

Allow our experts at European Exchange, get your vehicle back on the road quickly. We commit ourselves to giving convenient and affordable transmission repair in Bergen County NJ. If you want verification of our exceptional transmission services, take a look at our reviews on Google.

Don't wait until your vehicle stops working, come to European Exchange to schedule your transmission service today.

If you need to get a transmission repair in Bergen County NJ, contact European Exchange at (201) 880-6633. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Transmission Maintenance in NJ

Transmission Maintenance in NJ
Your vehicle's transmission is one of the most important components of your car or truck. There are occasions where it can malfunction and start to present problems. Ensuring your transmission maintenance in NJ, is maintained regularly is a wise decision because technician detect and fix a problem present before it can get worse.

One thing to keep track of is the mileage you have driven when considering scheduling your transmission maintenance in NJ. Each brand of vehicle requires a different routine amount of times a transmission service is needed.

It is important to note that a manual transmission maintenance is different from an automatic transmission maintenance. An automatic transmission maintenance is a complex system in many vehicles. It is a crucial part of vehicle movement that carries a high cost burden.

There are many ways on how to maintain your transmission to ensure it last for a long time. For example it is important to replace the transmission fluid regularly. Keeping the transmission fluid clean and bright and at the right levels ensure a sustainable and efficiently running transmission system.

Find the Indicator
Transmission fluid can be measured with a gauge. The first things that should be done with a new vehicle is to make sure the location of the transmission fluid meter is visible so that it can be checked regularly. If it becomes difficult to find, the manufacturers’ manual should be the best source.

Check the Transmission Fluid
Checking the fluid level of the gearbox with the indicator is similar to checking the oil level. Keep in mind that for most vehicles, you will check with the engine running and the transmission in the park.

Monitor the level of the transmission fluid by merely removing the rod and wiping it with a towel. Replace the rod and remove it again, this time to see where the transmission fluid falls on the dipstick. The indicator will have a mark to show the level of the your transmission fluid. If there is further need to top off the fluid, you shouldn’t hesitate. Keep in mind that excess transmission fluid can cause problems, so only add the fluid that is needed.

Protect the Transmission
There are other reasons as to why a transmission can be damaged. Examples are overheating and overload on the gearbox with a heavy load, such as a trailer or heavy transport load in a truck.

Maintaining Your Transmission
Ultimately, the best way to extend the life of your automatic transmission is to maintain fluid levels and preform regularly maintenance by a reliable technician. Routine maintenance appointments can be cost-effective in the long run.

For more information about our transmission maintenance in NJ, contact European Exchange at (201)-880-6633.

European Exchange - Your trusted source for Transmission Maintenance in NJ.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Allison Transmission Repair in NJ

Transmission Repair in NJ
Allison transmissions are popular because they are trustworthy and have a long life span. European Exchange is an expert in the field for transmission repair in NJ. All of their products and services are upheld by the highest standards. Their transmissions products are used for industrial trucks, armed force vehicles, long haul trucking, even tow trucks. Heavy duty work vehicles haul extremely  heavy loads putting excess wear and tear on the vehicle; therefore, allowing a  transmissions to fail more easily.

To manage and maintain a vehicles and machinery that hauls heavy weight in your fleet, making sure an Allison transmission is installed and maintained is important. An important way to manage and maintain vehicles in your fleet as well as machinery is to re-manufacture a transmission that has failed, especially when it is impossible for them to be repaired on the field.

It is much cheaper to buy a spare transmissions instead of buying a totally new system. Allison transmissions and marine transmissions need to be handled by a firm that is knowledgeable, experienced and professional with the Allison brand. An experience technician will know to check and ensure that refurbished units are reliable.

Construction Cycle And Methodology
When a transmission sent out fails, it should be worked on by an expert and repaired by hand.  The use of assembly line methods will not work well with Allison transmissions. Technicians that work on these transmissions should have extensive experience and knowledge of transmission repair in NJ, and make use of the latest technology from Allison as well as the techniques for assembling these components.

As the work goes on, it is important for each unit to be thoroughly cleaned out of metal shavings and oil. It is important for every component to be checked and serviced so that it doesn’t fail in the nearest future. Special care should be especially directed toward marine transmissions, which is a more complicated rebuild and has a longer turnaround time.

All the replaced parts should be replaced with new units from the factory. Allison parts are well made and unique allow for a strong transmission with a long life span. 

Quality Assurance
Once we finish our transmission services whether it be a repair or rebuild, we will test drive the vehicle to ensure that everything is running well. Each major component should be tested on its own to ensure that it is working well and would not impact the operation of the entire vehicle's mechanical system. Quality assurance is our main goal when a transmission repair is completed. 
Technical Support
Here at European Exchange, customer service is a top priority. It is important to have a team that is committed and that has extensive knowledge of Allison transmissions as to offer the most appropriate advise and transmission repair suggestions. 

In addition, keeping maintenance records and reports will ensure a longer life span of your transmission. A proactive schedule for maintenance is important for ensuring that jobs are kept on task and are in line with budget.

Managing trucking vehicles can be a stressful profession. Loss of work time and truck downtime can greatly impact a company's revenue. It is also important to have spare refurbished equipment that can be used as soon as a failure occurs. Following a management plan will indeed ensure that work continues without interruption. 

For more information about our Allison transmission repair in NJ service, contact European Exchange at (201)-880-6633.

European Exchange - Your trusted experts for Allison Transmission Repair in NJ.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Transmission Repair Bergen County NJ

European Exchange

Your vehicle's transmission is one of the most crucial and structurally complicated parts of your car. The transmission is what helps your vehicle shift its gears and direct the wheels. Transmission repair can sneak up on a driver pretty quickly. How can you tell when your transmission needs be repaired? If you happen to be driving and you notice that your vehicle is experiencing automatic transmission slipping, it can feel like you're driving in a certain gear and then it changes for no apparent reason, rough shifts, delayed engagement, fluid leak, or your transmission warning light is illuminated, these vehicle problems usually        indicate that its time to get a Transmission Repair Bergen County NJ.

Our transmission technicians at European Exchange can provide the efficient and prompt transmission repair service your vehicle requires. 

At European Exchange, we have offered transmission repairs for all vehicle types with 35 years of experience. The gears in your vehicle are central to the transmission, therefore any issues that start to develop can be detrimental to your vehicle functioning properly. Contacting a transmission expert is imperative. 

Our transmission specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to perform your transmission repair in bergen county NJ correctly. When you bring your vehicle to our auto shop, our expert staff will diagnose the problem, and get right to work fixing your transmission. 
Transmission Repair Bergen County NJ

Below are a few signs to look for in the occurrence you believe your transmission is acting up.

Burnt Transmission Fluid

If your transmission fluid is to the full mark and a clean reddish pink colour, then the fluid is in good condition. If you notice your transmission fluid appears dark and has a burnt smell, you need to get your transmission checked.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

If you notice any red fluid leaks on your driveway, whether it is clear or cloudy, bring your vehicle to European Exchange to have it examined. Low level and good condition: If your transmission fluid is low, there is a leak. Unlike your engine which can “consume” oil due to normal use, a transmission is a sealed unit. Have your transmission inspected as soon as possible to avoid internal damage.
A leak is not necessarily an indicator that you need a transmission repair, however, if the fluid continues to leak it may be a sure sign for future transmission issues.

Delayed Gear Engagements

Delayed gear engagement occurs when there is a delay before the car engages into drive prior to moving forward. The pause occurs when you shift from Park to Drive. If this is occurring, it means your transmission is damaged and in need of immediate transmission repair bergen county NJ.

Transmission service requires whether it's replacing, servicing or rebuilding our expert transmission technicians can perform the necessary repairs it needs! 

To request a transmission repair in Bergen County NJ or to inquire about our other services at European Exchange, contact us at (201) 880-6633.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Transmission Rebuild in NJ

When it comes to your vehicle, you want to be sure that everything is functioning normally. You want to feel safe on the road. This is especially true for your vehicle's transmission. Your transmission is what helps your vehicle's gears shift smoothly. If you notice your vehicle shaking, jerking, leaking fluid, having trouble shifting gears, or emitting odd smells, it might be time to bring your vehicle to a transmission specialists. Depending on the symptoms that present itself, your vehicle may need a transmission rebuild in NJ.
Our expert technicians at European Exchange have the experience and knowledge to handle transmission rebuild's for all vehicle types. Since 1992, we have provided exceptional transmission services for many satisfied customers. When you bring your vehicle to our shop, we will get right to work diagnosing the issue.

Our transmission rebuild process begins with our transmission specialists removing your transmission system from your vehicle. We then disassemble your transmission, examining for damage or worn parts. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we then replace those parts with newer ones. After reassembling and placing your transmission back into your vehicle, we then proceed with a test drive to ensure our transmission rebuild service was a success.

At European Exchange, our technicians work hard to get your vehicle's transmission functioning correctly, so you don't have to worry the next time you're driving on the road. Your vehicle is your best friend. Let our transmission experts ensure that it lasts longer on the road. 

To learn more about our transmission rebuild in NJ or inquire about our other services, contact European Exchange at (201) 880-6633.

European Exchange - Your trusted provider for Transmission Rebuild in NJ.