Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Transmission Rebuild NJ

Transmission Rebuild NJ
Your transmission rebuild in NJ is extremely important to your car. If you are the type of person who doesn't know much about cars, your transmission is designed to transmit power from a vehicle's engine to the drive axle. In simpler terms: it makes the car drive. Different transmissions can alter the levels of power and speed into the wheels.

How do you know your having transmission problems? There are a few ways to tell, even if you don't know much about cars.

One example is if you are low on transmission fluid. The fluid level is typically caused by leaks and can lead to larger issues. A few "symptoms" for this would be when you change gears and it seems your car has fallen out of that gear. Being low on fluid can cause a noticeably longer delay when you select drive or reverse gears. These signs going unattended can lead to your transmission overheating. The experts at European Exchange can rebuild your transmission and get it running like new again.

Next, your torque converter could be failing. A properly working torque converter is necessary for your car's transmission to function properly. The torque converter allows the engine to sit idle instead of cutting off when your wheels and transmission stop, like being at a traffic light. If your car seems to not accelerate properly, shift gears easily, your car shudders when your driving under 45 mph - you may need your transmission built.

A jammed clutch can also lead to serious transmission problems. If your clutch gets stuck, the car will shake and your transmission will overheat.

Transmission Rebuild NJ
In relation to low transmission fluid like we mentioned earlier, Solenoid Issues can cause problems. A solenoid to someone who knows nothing about how cars work sounds like a fancy science term. In simpler words, it is a valve that controls fluid flow into and throughout your transmission. When this fluid is low it can cause damage and electrical issues.

Lastly, gear shifting problems like slipping, hard shifts, downshifting or not shifting at all can all lead to significant damage to your transmission.

These are all signs to bring your car into European Exchange.  After a thorough inspection of your vehicle, our professionals will determine the right solution from our transmission services including installation, repair and rebuilding. If you need your transmission rebuilt, our technicians will remove your transmission and disassemble to inspect each part. Using the right tools, we will then replace the parts of your transmission that are outdated and giving your vehicle problems. After all is said and done, our experts will test drive your car to ensure your transmission rebuild was a success.

For more information about our transmission rebuild in NJ, contact European Exchange at (201)-880-6633.

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