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Are you looking for transmission repair in NJ? European Exchange specializes in professional transmission repair in NJ. We provide repairs for European cars, American cars, and commercial vehicles.

A transmission is simply a machine that regulates between multiple gear ratios to either increase or decrease the engine speed. A transmission can switch between speed variable manually (by the car operator) or it can be automatic (where the car switches between speed variables by itself). Like all machines, the transmission requires proper maintenance for it to function well. However, there are times when even after maintenance, you can discover some signs that indicate transmission problems. The following are some of the common signs of transmission problems for car owners:

  • When your vehicle starts and run but refuses to move when you select or change your gear, you might have a transmission problem.
  •  While driving, if your engine seems to be revving higher than it normally does, it could be a sign of problems with your transmission.
  • If when trying to shift, it is soft, harsh, delayed, or there is a lack of response in general, your transmission might have become faulty and would need repairs.
  • When your car is moving and it shakes or you hear a grinding sound, you might have issues with your transmission.
  • Another sign of a transmission problem is if your transmission is jumping or slipping in and out of gear.
  •  If you discover that your transmission fluid has started to leak (when you see dark or red spots under your car), it could be a sign of a faulty transmission.
  • If you discover a burning smell in your vehicle, it could be as a result of transmission overheating and you will have to repair it as soon as possible. This could be as a result of old transmission fluid.
  • If your transmission makes some unusual noises such as clicking, humming, clunking or buzzing, there could be a problem with your transmission.
  • If your vehicle jerks as you move, it is a sign of possible problems or faults in your transmission.

If you have noticed one or more of these signs, it could mean that your transmission might need some repairs. However, it can be a bit challenging finding a good auto mechanic that can properly repair your transmission.

The trusted transmission experts at European Exchange ensure you are satisfied with our service and your vehicle's transmission repair. Our transmission shop is equipped with up-to-date equipment, trained and experienced professionals, and prompt expert service. With our affordable transmission services, the cost of transmission repair is manageable and gets your car back on the road soon after leaving it in our care.

To learn more about transmission repair in NJ, call European Exchange today at 201-880-6633.

European Exchange - Your trusted source for transmission repair in NJ.

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