Friday, November 18, 2016

Transmission Maintenance in NJ

Are you in need of transmission maintenance in NJ? European Exchange's expert transmissions technicians have almost 40 years of experience and the skill necessary to provide professional level transmission services. We understand that the transmission is the heart of your car and proper maintenance is necessary to ensure your car is running properly. From European vehicles to American vehicles and more, European Exchange will provide you with thorough and affordable transmission maintenance. 

Periodic transmission maintenance is obligatory to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. A number of services should be executed during routine transmission maintenance to guarantee the mechanisms are correctly oiled and in good and solid form. It's suggested to have these services performed every 30,000 miles. If routine maintenance has been devotedly executed as per recommendation, the drainage of old fluid for the duration of this process should be sufficient.

Replacement of the Pan Gasket

One of the main steps to routine transmission maintenance is to swap the pan gasket. This gasket is situated around the rim or lip of the transmission pan. The pan gasket can get damaged and fractured with the passage of time, leading to transmission fluid leaks. Loss of transmission fluid can be the root cause for the car to shift incorrectly, which may lead to doubtful driving conditions or other mechanical glitches. Once that is done, the gasket can be swapped quite effortlessly, and the part itself is comparatively economical. If the existing gasket is reusable, of high quality and not impaired, it may be then it may be possible to clean it off and simply put it back. 

Cleaning and Removal of Any Grime

Buildup of fluid, dirt and grime can cause problems as well. Part of a routine transmission maintenance in NJ is removal and cleanup of any of this sludge. All parts should be wiped free of any debris that has collected over time. This cleanup includes the transmission pan, gasket, if necessary, sealing surface, transmission case and any fluid that may have dripped on the exhaust system while performing the job.

Replacing the Transmission Filter

The transmission filter and the old seal, if likely, will need to be replaced. Clogged or dirty transmission filters will cause stress and wear on a transmission. Replacement of this filter is one of the important parts of transmission maintenance, but may be easily overlooked. Like the pan gasket, this is a relatively easy and inexpensive replacement and should be taken care of while the transmission pan is off.

Transmission Fluid

Since much of the transmission fluid was cleaned out and drained during the process of replacing filters and gaskets, fluid volumes will need to be returned to factory recommended levels. This is usually done via the dipstick tube located near the engine, and of course performed after all necessary components are replaced and the transmission is bolted back to the vehicle. It's highly recommended to follow manufacturer guidelines when selecting replacement transmission fluid.

At European Exchange, our trusted transmission experts ensure that you are satisfied with your transmission service. With the use of our state-of-the-art equipment and 10,000 square foot facility, we have the skills and tools necessary to keep your transmission running smoothly.

For more information about our transmission maintenance in NJ, call European Exchange.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Clutch Repair in NJ

Are you in need of clutch repair in NJ? European Exchange has provided clutch repair for European cars, American cars and commercial vehicles for many years. With the use of our 10,000 square foot facility and our experienced clutch repair technicians, you can be assured that your car's repairs will be fixed promptly for a fair price. Our clutch shop is equipped with up-to-date equipment, trained and experienced auto repair professionals, and prompt expert service. With our affordable automotive repair services, the cost of your car’s clutch repair is manageable and has your car back on the road soon.

Even with the onslaught of the automatic transmission engines, there is nothing that beats the satisfaction of driving a manual transmission car. It gives you total control of your vehicle and the thrill of shifting gears than in the automatic transmission engines.  

The clutch is at the center of the manual transmission engine. It tends to wear out over time. Its rate of wearing out depends on the geographical landscape on which you are driving as well as your style of driving. Sometimes, the clutch just develops problems out of the blue.

Seek the assistance of European Exchange for experienced clutch repair in NJ if you experience any the following signs:

Usually, this is low frequency vibration that is very severe. This is normally caused by the misalignment of the car’s engine to gearbox, facings that are oil contaminated, worn out or loose engine mountings, defective pressure plates, glazed flywheel or the uneven operation of the clutch arm.  

Engine slip 
This is a case where the engine accelerates without an increase in speed, the car may be unable to drive up steep hills, and there is a burning smell. This could be caused by the fouling of the pedal that makes full return of the linkage not possible, broken springs, defective plates, or the linkage seizure. 

The Drag
There is difficulty in engaging the first gear from neutral. The vehicle jolts when changing gears when in motion. Sometimes the vehicle makes noise or moves even when the clutch pedal is fully depressed. This can be caused by lack of hydraulic fluid, a worn hydraulic system, buckled plates, or contaminated facings. 

Fierce Jacking 

The vehicle suddenly moves even when releasing the pedal gradually. This could be caused by uneven operation of the clutch arm, misalignment of engine to gearbox or worn hydraulic system.

It is good to have the clutch inspected every time the car goes for service. This prevents sudden problems when on the road. The clutch repair duration depends on the problem detected. For more information about our clutch repair in NJ or any other the other services we provide, call European Exchange at (201) 880-6633.

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