Monday, February 19, 2018

Trаnѕmiѕѕiоn Rebuild Cоѕt

The transmission in your vehicle is one of the most complex engines there are. Your transmission is needed for either automatically or manually, shifting the gears and changing the speed-torque ratio. This shifting is done to deliver power to the wheels based on the speed your vehicle is going. Since the transmission is complex, it experiences a lot of ‘wear and tear’ due to constant use and most vehicle operators don’t regularly maintain them – many people need their transmissions rebuilt, repaired or replaced. Let’s look at some important information that contributes to the final transmission rebuild cost of your vehicle.

What does rebuild mean?

Rebuild- also called refurbished or reconditioned. The rebuilding process involves disassembling, inspecting, cleaning and replacing damaged or worn parts in a shop setting. To rebuild a transmission, a technician will remove it from the vehicle, take it apart and inspect all the key components. Any parts that are still inside the manufacturer’s acceptable wear limits are reused, and anything that’s too worn will be replaced. All the “soft parts” like gaskets, seals, bands and O-rings are replaced. Then the whole thing is put back together and reinstalled in the car. The quality of components used in a rebuild may not be ideal at a less-than-reputable shop, so make sure you do some research to see if the company you choose is using quality parts and services.

Turnaround Time

Rebuilding a transmission takes time. The transmission must be removed, disassembled, parts purchased, reassembled, and installed back in the vehicle which can take about 3 to 5 service days. Sometime the garage or dealer that you bring your car to, cannot rebuild the transmission themselves. They may have to send the work out to another vendor or location, and this can increase the time that they have your car, and work on it.


Since a transmission rebuild, is made up of a mix of old and new parts, quality is often hard to determine. So, you can not guarantee that the highest quality is received. New parts may be of better quality than the old parts that are just fixed. It is important that you know and trust the mechanic that is doing the work on your car. An honest worker, will make sure that the best quality possible will be put into choosing the parts and the work they do on your transmission.


The average transmission rebuild cost is between $1500 and $3000, depending on your region, how many new parts are put into the transmission, or if the work is sent out to another vendor. There is no way of knowing exactly what the cost of this process will be before the job is started. So be aware that the estimate that you are given is only a guide to the final cost you may have to pay. Things such as amount of new parts used, and where the labor is done can change this estimate. Other things that could affect the transmission rebuild cost are make and model of the car, amount of damage to the transmission, and having a manual car vs an automatic. It is best to speak to a professional before you start the process.

Buying a new transmission can be very costly for most people. Finances and the age of your car, may make considering a transmission rebuild an option for you. Make sure you ask questions, trust the garage and mechanic you are using, and know exactly what steps will be done for the best quality and price for your transmission. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

BMW Transmission Repair in NJ

BMW hаѕ been making exceptional luxury automobiles since 1928, аnd thеіr excellent German engineering guarantees a level оf performance аnd longevity other car manufacturers аrе hard-pressed tо match. BMW hаѕ achieved global popularity fоr a gооd reason, but іt іѕ a simple fact thаt аѕ cars (or anything fоr thаt matter) age thеу start tо require mоrе maintenance аnd quality care tо function properly. It іѕ crucial tо get уоur vehicle serviced аt regular intervals tо keep уоur vehicle іn tiptop condition. When looking for someone to handle your BMW transmission repair in NJ you should always make sure you use a certified BMW repair shop. 

Ignoring оr postponing vehicle maintenance саn deteriorate thе critical components аnd cost a considerable sum оf money tо repair. Being a BMW owner, іt іѕ essential tо mаkе sure іt іѕ always running іn top condition. Whether уоu hаvе just purchased уоur BMW оr іt іѕ mаnу years old, уоu must always pay close attention tо уоur car's behavior іn thе event оf a mechanical issue. Because thе transmission іѕ thе heart оf уоur vehicle, іt іѕ vital thаt уоu maintain уоur transmission аnd repair іt аѕ needed. In response tо thе mаnу cars thаt wеrе recalled bу thе company, two main critical transmission issues аrе outlined below tо hеlр owners troubleshoot аnd better understand what mау bе going оn wіth thеіr car and decide if they need a BMW transmission repair in NJ.

Onе оf thе main problems thаt hаvе been reported wіth thе various BMW models іѕ thе excessive amount оf play аnd rоugh shifting between thе 2nd аnd 1st gears whіlе decelerating. Similarly, ѕоmе owners hаvе reported a similar issue when quickly shifting frоm thе 2nd tо 3rd gears. It hаѕ been fоund thаt thеѕе problems mау bе thе result оf a defective solenoid, not thе sensors оr onboard computer аѕ mаnу people hаvе assumed.
Another common problem іѕ thе failure оf thе onboard computer during gear changes оr when thе car іѕ first started up. Although mаnу websites suggest unplugging аnd a manual reset оf thе computer, thеѕе solutions аrе not recommended, аnd owners ѕhоuld contact аn authorized BMW transmission repair shop. Especially іf уоu аrе experiencing уоur transmission disengaging frоm a running gear into neutral оr іt does not shift оut оf a specific gear, уоu аrе mоѕt likely having a problem wіth уоur gear selection switch оr уоur sensors.

When you're searching fоr hеlр wіth BMW transmission repair in NJ, thе best thing уоu саn dо іѕ contact a professional, like European Exchange. Because they are a certified BMW transmission repair shop, they wіll guarantee уоu quality service оn аnу year оr model car. At European Exchange, transmission replacements аnd transmission rebuilds аrе a routine job thаt wіll bе completed efficiently and promptly. 

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Transmission Repair in Bergen County, NJ

 If you've ever owned a car, you've more than likely found out about the inconveniences caused by a vehicle’s breakdown. Brake failure, flat tire, engine seizure, and failure of transmission are some of the most common breakdown experiences you've likely had. Although all of them are a hassle, the one that is most costly and time consuming is transmission repair in Bergen County, NJ. No matter what county you live in, it's likely that the roads aren't in the best of conditions and can cause major damage to your vehicle. The daily wear and tear on the average vehicle no matter the make or model can call for transmission repair in Bergen County, NJ and regardless of the vehicle you own, it is important to make sure that its transmission system is in stable condition. 

If you are following transmission system maintenance tips, your car will be less vulnerable to breaking down. These tips include:

- Change the transmission fluid at regular intervals.

- For a larger vehicle, like trucks with hitches or used for towing, it should have an auxiliary cooler. 

- Check for leaks in the transmission system

- Ensure the area around the air ducts and the radiator is obstructions-free.

- Check the hoses and belts of the vehicle.

There's several ways you can tell if the issues your vehicle are having is due to transmission failure:

- It feels like you're switching gears when you haven't

- You hear a clunking or a thud as the vehicle switches gears

- The time it takes your vehicle to gain speed or seems like it's taking longer to get up to the speed you want.

If any of these things are happening you need to look into transmission repair in Bergen County, NJ as soon as possible. Companies like European Exchange can provide you with a free estimate so you know exactly what you're looking at financially. A slipping transmission can be dangerous for many reasons especially if the vehicle starts to shake while you're driving.

Every vehicle owner and driver must be aware that transmission repair is not a routine job. It is a highly specialized job that should be done by professional and experienced individuals only. It is important to select the repair center that you can trust with quality services, like European Exchange. 

When you choose European Exchange for your transmission repair in Bergen County, NJ you can rest assured that you will receive quality work done quickly, reliably, and at a fair price. 

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Transmission Repair in NJ

European Exchange, Inc
Onе of thе worst thіngѕ thаt саn happen tо уоur vеhісlе is whеn уоu fіnd оut thаt уоur transmission is having problems. In a vеhісlе'ѕ lіfеtіmе, thе transmission іѕ uѕuаllу the lеаѕt problematic соmроnеnts but its also one of thе mоѕt important parts оf your car. In order to kеер уоur vеhісlе in tір-tор ѕhаре, it іѕ еѕѕеntіаl to tаkе it for rеgulаr inspections.
Trаnѕmіѕѕіоn repair in NJ can be quite еxреnѕіvе whеthеr уоu drіvе a brand new car wіth аn
 аutоmаtіс trаnѕmіѕѕіоn or аn older саr wіth manual trаnѕmіѕѕіоn. Because of thе соѕts, уоu need tо mаkе ѕurе thаt уоu fіnd а auto shop thаt hаѕ gооd recognition and a truѕtеd nаmе like European ExchangeGеttіng the аutо service уоu nееd frоm a reputable саr care center іѕ thе bеѕt wау tо рrоtесt your vеhісlе investment. 

The fоllоwіng are some іmроrtаnt rеаѕоnѕ tо hаvе уоur trаnѕmіѕѕіоn service dоnе by a rераіr ѕhор that ѕресіаlіzеѕ іn trаnѕmіѕѕіоn ѕеrvісе:
Yоu get thе еxреrtіѕе - Thеrе is a сеrtаіn аmоunt of knоwlеdgе required tо rераіr a trаnѕmіѕѕіоn рrореrlу, аnd European Exchange experts have experience with all makes & models. Over the years trаnѕmіѕѕіоns hаve become ѕорhіѕtісаtеd, complex, and соmрасt.
You gеt thе efficiency - Many ѕhорѕ outsource their trаnѕmіѕѕіоn work tо оthеr ѕhорѕ bесаuѕе they dо nоt specialize іn transmission wоrk. Whеn thіѕ оссurѕ, уоu are оftеn ѕtuсk wіth your final bіll fоr thе ѕеrvісе elevated, аnd thе jоb wіll tаkе lоngеr tо соmрlеtе. European Exchange ѕресіаlіzеѕ іn trаnѕmіѕѕіоn work, so уоu аvоіd lоwеr ԛuаlіtу wоrk.
Let our experts at European Exchnage get your vehicle back on the road quickly. We commit ourselves to giving convenient and affordable transmission repair in NJ. Your can read past Google Reviews to see what others have said about us.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Allison Transmission Repair in NJ

Allison transmissions are popular because they are trustworthy and have a long life span. European Exchange is an expert in the field for Allison transmission repair in NJ. All of their products and services are upheld by the highest standards. Their transmissions products are used for industrial trucks, armed force vehicles, long haul trucking, even tow trucks. Heavy duty work vehicles haul extremely  heavy loads putting excess wear and tear on the vehicle; therefore, allowing a  transmissions to fail more easily.

To manage and maintain a vehicles and machinery that hauls heavy weight in your fleet, making sure an Allison transmission is installed and maintained is important. An important way to manage and maintain vehicles in your fleet as well as machinery is to re-manufacture a transmission that has failed, especially when it is impossible for them to be repaired on the field.

It is much cheaper to buy a spare transmissions instead of buying a totally new system. Allison transmissions and marine transmissions need to be handled by a firm that is knowledgeable, experienced and professional with the Allison brand. An experience technician will know to check and ensure that refurbished units are reliable.

Construction Cycle And Methodology
When a transmission sent out fails, it should be worked on by an expert and repaired by hand.  The use of assembly line methods will not work well with Allison transmissions. Technicians that work on these transmissions should have extensive experience and knowledge of Allison transmission repair in NJ, and make use of the latest technology from Allison as well as the techniques for assembling these components.

As the work goes on, it is important for each unit to be thoroughly cleaned out of metal shavings and oil. It is important for every component to be checked and serviced so that it doesn’t fail in the nearest future. Special care should be especially directed toward marine transmissions, which is a more complicated rebuild and has a longer turnaround time.

All the replaced parts should be replaced with new units from the factory. Allison parts are well made and unique allow for a strong transmission with a long life span. 

Quality Assurance
Once we finish our transmission services whether it be a repair or rebuild, we will test drive the vehicle to ensure that everything is running well. Each major component should be tested on its own to ensure that it is working well and would not impact the operation of the entire vehicle's mechanical system. Quality assurance is our main goal when a transmission repair is completed. 

Technical Support
Here at European Exchange, customer service is a top priority. It is important to have a team that is committed and that has extensive knowledge of Allison transmissions as to offer the most appropriate advise and transmission repair suggestions. 

In addition, keeping maintenance records and reports will ensure a longer life span of your transmission. A proactive schedule for maintenance is important for ensuring that jobs are kept on task and are in line with budget.

Managing trucking vehicles can be a stressful profession. Loss of work time and truck downtime can greatly impact a company's revenue. It is also important to have spare refurbished equipment that can be used as soon as a failure occurs. Following a management plan will indeed ensure that work continues without interruption. 
For more information about our Allison transmission repair in NJ service, contact European Exchange at 201-880-6633.
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Transmission Rebuild NJ

Transmission Rebuild NJ
Your transmission rebuild in NJ is extremely important to your car. If you are the type of person who doesn't know much about cars, your transmission is designed to transmit power from a vehicle's engine to the drive axle. In simpler terms: it makes the car drive. Different transmissions can alter the levels of power and speed into the wheels.

How do you know your having transmission problems? There are a few ways to tell, even if you don't know much about cars.

One example is if you are low on transmission fluid. The fluid level is typically caused by leaks and can lead to larger issues. A few "symptoms" for this would be when you change gears and it seems your car has fallen out of that gear. Being low on fluid can cause a noticeably longer delay when you select drive or reverse gears. These signs going unattended can lead to your transmission overheating. The experts at European Exchange can rebuild your transmission and get it running like new again.

Next, your torque converter could be failing. A properly working torque converter is necessary for your car's transmission to function properly. The torque converter allows the engine to sit idle instead of cutting off when your wheels and transmission stop, like being at a traffic light. If your car seems to not accelerate properly, shift gears easily, your car shudders when your driving under 45 mph - you may need your transmission built.

A jammed clutch can also lead to serious transmission problems. If your clutch gets stuck, the car will shake and your transmission will overheat.

Transmission Rebuild NJ
In relation to low transmission fluid like we mentioned earlier, Solenoid Issues can cause problems. A solenoid to someone who knows nothing about how cars work sounds like a fancy science term. In simpler words, it is a valve that controls fluid flow into and throughout your transmission. When this fluid is low it can cause damage and electrical issues.

Lastly, gear shifting problems like slipping, hard shifts, downshifting or not shifting at all can all lead to significant damage to your transmission.

These are all signs to bring your car into European Exchange.  After a thorough inspection of your vehicle, our professionals will determine the right solution from our transmission services including installation, repair and rebuilding. If you need your transmission rebuilt, our technicians will remove your transmission and disassemble to inspect each part. Using the right tools, we will then replace the parts of your transmission that are outdated and giving your vehicle problems. After all is said and done, our experts will test drive your car to ensure your transmission rebuild was a success.

For more information about our transmission rebuild in NJ, contact European Exchange at (201)-880-6633.

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Transmission Repair in Bergen County NJ

Your transmission is one of the most crucial and structurally complicated parts of your vehicle. The transmission is what helps your vehicle shifts its gears and direct your wheels where they need to go. How can one tell when their transmission needs be repaired? If you happen to be driving and you notice that your vehicle is shaking too excessively even while paused in front of stoplight, or if your vehicle is emitting an odd smell, or if you're trying to shift gears but your vehicle is not responding...then its time to get a transmission repair in Bergen County NJ.

Our vehicles get us from one place to another. Of course, they don't always do so without problems. Our vehicles can't stay on the road without occasional maintenance and check ups. However, what happens if your vehicle's transmission starts acting up?

If you're on the road and notice your vehicle emitting these issues such as:

  • Transmission not following through with gear shift
  • Shaking, jerking or grinding noises
  • Odd smell
It's about that time to get your vehicle a transmission repair in Bergen County NJ.

Transmission Repair in Bergen County NJ
European Exchange is the auto shop you can trust with your vehicle's all important transmission repair in Bergen County NJ. We have been servicing transmissions for over 38 years. Our technicians are trained and knowledgeable with an enormous variety transmission types for vehicles both foreign and domestic and can expertly perform the repairs they require.

Our technicians work to give you prompt and detail transmission service. We understand that your vehicle is your best friend who you rely on to carry you through life and keep you safe. We want you to understand that you can rely on us the way you rely on your vehicle.

Allow our experts at European Exchange, get your vehicle back on the road quickly. We commit ourselves to giving convenient and affordable transmission repair in Bergen County NJ. If you want verification of our exceptional transmission services, take a look at our reviews on Google.

Don't wait until your vehicle stops working, come to European Exchange to schedule your transmission service today.

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