Friday, February 15, 2019

Transmission Rebuild in NJ

Are you looking for transmission rebuild in NJ? At European Exchange, our transmission experts have more than 35 years of experience providing customers with efficient transmission services.

Transmission rebuild might seem like a generic term or something that could cover pretty much any kind of transmission repair. But this isn’t so. A transmission rebuild suggests a specific type of job. The rebuilding of a transmission is not an easy task. It’s not the assessment or replacement of one or two parts. A transmission rebuild is otherwise called a “complete overhaul”, which should give you an idea of the extent of work involved.

A transmission rebuild is an option for those who wish to avoid paying the relatively high cost of replacing a damaged vehicle or worn-out transmission with a new one. Brand new transmissions, usually on more modern, late model vehicle, can be almost as expensive as a new car. Hence, many individuals, especially those on a very tight budget or those who simply wish to avoid paying the full price of a brand-new vehicle transmission, would opt for a transmission rebuild.

Transmission repair shops
Any trustworthy transmission shop will experience a series of processes before deciding that a transmission rebuild is the best alternative. There have to be Multi-Check inspection carried out, in which the transmission is subjected to various tests (usually four tests) in an effort to determine what (if any) issues your transmission is experiencing. By performing these tests, the technician may conclude that the fix for your transmission is a generally simple and non-invasive one.

In the event that your transmission is experiencing a problem that cannot be tackled with a minor adjustment, a re-seal, or the replacement of an accessible part, then it will have to come out. The transmissions may be completely removed from your vehicle in order to get a better look and see what is out of order.

Parts with friction-laden surfaces, for example the bands and clutches, are usually replaced, including all seals and gaskets, the torque converter will also be replaced with a re-manufactured one. A detailed check of the technical service bulletins of the auto manufacturer of your transmission will be rigorously checked to see if there have been any prior suggestions for any modifications to correct design defects and flaws that may have been found after the transmission was built. Automobile manufacturers often make upgrade kits accessible to transmission shops to resolve these design flaws.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Are you looking for transmission repair in NJ? European Exchange specializes in professional transmission repair in NJ.

The transmission system is responsible for getting the strength and power of the engine to the wheels, depending on the speed change to which the car moves. Among its components are the clutch, the gearbox, and the shaft, among others.

When the transmission is damaged the symptoms are very evident, although by the complexity of the system it is almost impossible for us to know exactly where the fault is. What we will notice is that it does not respond correctly when we operate the gearbox. This is why you need a professional to handle your transmission repair.

One of the symptoms of a transmission fault is when it is hard for you to switch gear. When your car has a manual gearbox and you press the clutch, you would notice that it is difficult for you to move the gear. This is a sign that you need a transmission repair.

Another reason to check your transmission is if there are noises when it is in neutral. When you are waiting for the traffic light to change with the box in neutral and you begin to hear noises, for example, it is an obvious sign that something is failing.

Another sign is the smell of burned oil. When you notice an unpleasant smell of burnt oil, the transmission is most likely overheating. Your transmission also needs inspection when the clutch jams.

When you press the clutch to change gear and we cannot because it is hooked and turns together with the engine, the problem will surely be that the clutch pedal is loose, or that the connection between the pedal and the disc has no space to disengage or that the disc is failing.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Transmission Exchange in NJ

Are you looking for a transmission exchange in NJ? Your transmission is a vital part of your vehicle, but needing to replace your transmission doesn’t mean needing to replace your ride.

Transmission exchange is a service that interchanges old worn-out transmission parts with fresh new parts to prolong the life of the vehicle. Just like oil and filter changes, replacing the old and damaged parts for preventive maintenance can reduce the risk of a premature transmission failure and the need for expensive repairs.

Vehicle manufacturers have specifications for the type and amount that are required for their transmissions. The specifications change from one make and model of vehicle to another. It depends on which transmission they have and the mechanical differences in the torque converters and clutch packs. That’s why big companies like Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and the other OEMs have so many different formulations.

Not everyone knows what is wrong with their vehicle when it starts doing new or odd things. The transmission can be an especially challenging to work with due to its' many parts.

Just a few symptoms that depict your transmission disorders are if your vehicle is:

• Vibrating while driving
• Making noises
• Showing fluid discoloration
• Transmission feels like it is slipping
• Shifts differently than it used to
• Leaking
• Making a brunt smell
• Shifting gears slowly

To get the high quality, properly built, and long-lasting transmissions you need to check with some of the following points:

All internal parts need to be completely checked, measured, inspected or replaced with only high-quality parts.

Every automatic transmission is live-run tested to validate and check performance and quality.
That each automatic transmission is well manufactured, and it is made to last under harsh conditions.
All advanced and modern manufacturing updates have been used.

Every automatic transmission comes with a new torque converter.

Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) exchange:
An ATF Exchange is a process by which used, old automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is changed with new fluid.  ATF exchange is not the same as a flush. ATF exchange is a simple fluid replacement, while flushing generally involves forcing pressure or chemicals through a system to rid it of contaminants.

Why is a transmission fluid exchange so important?
Your system requires a transmission fluid exchange to avoid the damaging effects old fluid can have on your transmission.

Transmission fluid includes important additives and those additives wear out over time. The additives provide the transmission and its gears with proper lubrication, keeping harmful debris out, while ensuring the system stays cool. Once the additives deplete, debris is free to float around and wreak havoc. Debris, compromises lubrication and cooling, and that has the potential to destroy your transmission.

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Monday, December 31, 2018

Transmission Rebuild in NJ

Are you looking for transmission rebuild in NJ? At European Exchange, our transmission experts have more than 35 years of experience providing customers with efficient transmission services.

Despite the most pious Vehicle’s owner’s struggle to stay atop of any prospective engine troubles, the demolishes of time will eventually grab your cherished vehicle. Take care of your vehicle on regular basis and keep its transmission preserved, and you may never need to follow transmission rebuilds.
However, if you’re dealing the possibility of a transmission repair, it is helpful to follow up your options. By having a little knowledge of rebuilt transmissions, you can determine whether you should choose to have your transmission rebuilt, of if you should purchase a new one.

Regardless, understanding more about either option may save you money and extend the life of your vehicle.

Transmission Rebuild Process:

 Determination of causes of the problem is an important part of transmission diagnosis. It assists you to make informed decision on whether you should proceed with a transmission rebuild.
The transmission rebuilds process demands the following manners:

• Remove and dismantle the transmission from your vehicle.

• Cleaning the transmission with chemicals by running it through a parts washer.

• Any lopsided transmission parts, all gaskets and seals, are replaced with new ones

• Any required electrical repairs are performed

• There may have been advances made in your vehicle’s transmission parts and technology since you bought it.

• If so, these updated parts may be included to improve the performance of your transmission and extend its longevity.

• Finally, the rebuilt transmission is re-installed in your vehicle.

• Are New Parts Inevitable?

If troubles with your vehicle’s transmission are detected in the beginning, any adjustments may be managed without requiring a full transmission rebuild.

If there are transmission parts that need to be replaced and they are accessible, or if there is an electrical based problem, it may be handled to repair the transmission without removing it from the vehicle, which would alone save you time and money.

It may be wise to have the technician thoroughly inspect the transmission in start.
Besides, if a few parts of your transmission are out of order, it’s quite possible other parts will demand replacing too.

But know once the process of parts replacement starts, it can become a losing battle. A transmission rebuild may, in fact, be the wisest and most economical choice you make.

Rebuilt Transmission Expenses:

Nobody can tell you exactly what your vehicle’s transmission repair will cost over the call.
The cost of a transmission rebuild varies, and it depends upon a multitude of factors such as the type of vehicle you use, and how extensive the damage is to your transmission.

While cost is considered a vital factor when faced with a transmission repair, the consideration of the value of the repair work performed is also important.

If the transmission technician or shop you’re dealing with doesn’t offer a warranty on a transmission rebuild with the option of upgrading it, on all parts and labor, you’re settling for less, and you may be playing Russian roulette with your vehicle.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Transmission Rebuild in NJ

Are you looking for transmission rebuild in NJ? At European Exchange, our transmission experts have more than 35 years of experience providing customers with efficient transmission services.

If your car is slow on changing up or down or is having jerky noises when changing the gear, it may have a transmission problem. One remedy for an extensively damaged transmission is a transmission rebuild. This is where the transmission system is taken apart completely and put back together after replacing damaged or worn out parts. On today’s blog we at European Exchange would like to go into great detail about transmission rebuild in NJ.

What is involved?
Transmission Rebuild
A transmission diagnosis is done to determine if there is a need for a transmission rebuild. If the mechanic finds out there is a need for it, the process he will follow includes:

•  Taking apart the transmission system
•  Cleaning the transmission using a parts washer which is a chemical solvent
•  Replacing wonky, worn and damaged parts along with seals and gaskets
•  Performing any electric repairs
•  Updating the transmission if there have been advances in transmission in your car’s model
•  Re-assembling the transmission and putting it back in the car

Replacing parts is inevitable
If there is a need for a transmission rebuild, replacing some parts is inevitable. The parts that are commonly replaced include:

1- Soft parts
This is also known as the Master Rebuild Kit (MRK). These are the parts that are designed to wear out. They include seals, clutches, gaskets, bands, bushings, bearings sealing rings, and transmission filter.

2- Hard parts
These are parts that are not included in the rebuild kit. This could be a solenoid or even the transmission case.

3- Torque converter
The converter will usually have a lot of debris. The problem is usually that the torque converter can’t be cleaned or flushed out. It has to be replaced in the case of a transmission rebuild.

4- Upgrades
These are parts which new versions have come up.  Putting in these new versions will improve the performance of the transmission.

5- Transmission fluid
New Automatic Transmission Fluid will be needed for a rebuild.

What does it cost?
There are several factors that determine the cost of a transmission rebuild. These include the type of vehicle, the extent of the damage, and the parts that need replacing. Before giving you a fair estimate we will examine your transmission and consider all of these factors.

You should consider the value of the work done as well. This includes the warranty. Ideally, you will be offered a 12-month warranty. This can be upgraded to a longer period of 5 years on the parts and labor.

It is always better to spend good money on good quality transmission rebuild than going for cheap patch jobs that inevitably lead you back to the repair shop.

To learn more about our transmission rebuild in NJ, or for more information about us at European Exchange, please call us today at 201-880-6633. One of our transmission experts will be happy to speak to you.

For more information on our transmission rebuild in NJ, call European Exchange today at 201-880-6633.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Transmission Rebuild in NJ

Are you looking for transmission rebuild in NJ? At European Exchange, our transmission experts have more than 35 years of experience providing transmission rebuild in NJ with great customer care. 

A transmission rebuild can be described as being a major overhaul of an automobile’s transmission system. Just like the rest of the engine, it is composed of a series of interconnected parts that must work together. Over time and due to extended use, these elements need to be replaced with new ones. When the transmission of a car is rebuilt, the worn-out elements are replaced, without the need to replace the whole transmission.

Getting a transmission rebuilt is popular because it ca be expensive to completely replace a system that is damaged or has simply become worn down due to overuse. On late modern vehicles, as well as modern cars, a brand-new unit can e as costly as putting in a brand new engine. For those already living on a shoestring budget, getting the parts that are not working rebuilt makes more sense than replacing the entire unit.
When a transmission rebuild takes place, it will be taken from the automobile and it will be carefully inspected by the mechanic. There will be either a refurbishment or replacement of the parts that are so worn that they no longer work or ones that are defective or damaged.

This element of an automobile’s engine is sophisticated and intricate in its design. It is made up of numerous bands, gears, pumps and rotors that all work in concert to keep the operation of the system running smoothly. When a transmission rebuild gets underway at a mechanic shop, all of the elements of it are carefully inspected first. After the inspection is over with, the parts that are most worn or the ones that are damaged beyond the point of repair, need to be replaced sooner as opposed to later. Brand new parts can be put in if the vehicle owner can afford them. If not, reconditioned or refurbished parts may be placed into the engine of the automobile.

The primary purpose behind preforming the rebuilding process is to restore the unit to its peak operating efficiency and function, without needing to replace every individual part. This, in turn, will keep the car running as smoothly as possible for as long as possible.

One of the benefits of opting for a transmission rebuild as opposed to a replacement is economical. It is cheap to rebuild than to start all over again wit ha brand new system. It will cost the owner approximately half of the price of a new transmission.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Mercedes Benz Transmission Exchange in NJ

Are you looking for a Mercedes Benz transmission exchange in NJ? Your transmission is a vital part of your vehicle but needing to replace your transmission doesn’t mean needing to replace your ride. European Exchange offers expert Mercedes Benz transmission exchange in NJ to help you extend the lifespan of your vehicle and keep you moving at the speed your busy life demands.

When a Mercedes Benz transmission is damaged, the car owner might spend thousands of dollars trying to rebuild or change the transmission for a new one. In many cases, transmission damage occurs as a result of neglect to certain signs that might indicate trouble in the transmission. If these signs are noticed in time and proper maintenance is carried out to fix the issues, the transmission will perform well. So here are a few important signs that your Mercedes transmission might be in serious trouble:

  •  If at the bottom of the oil pan, you discover that there are some fine particles or fragments, it is an indication of an underlying issue with the transmission of your Mercedes car.
  •  Another sign that your car's transmission is in trouble is when your transmission fluid has a burnt smell, or the transmission fluid has a dark color.
  •  If you experience a delay when you’re trying to shift out of park, the transmission of your vehicle might have some issues. In such situations, it takes a while (more than a second) to engage in drive or reverse.
  •  When the transmission fails to shift to a higher gear or you experience great difficulty in shifting to a higher gear, the transmission of your car might be faulty and will need repairs.
  • In cases where there are transmission slips or jerks between shifts, it is very possible you have a troubled transmission.

Before you replace your transmission, it is important you carry out the proper diagnostics first to determine if replacing the transmission is the best. To prevent issues with your transmission, it is important that you carry out maintenance or servicing. Here are some tips to improve the life and performance of the transmission, as well as how to properly carry out diagnostics.

  • When you have burnt fluid or presence of metallic dust or fragments, it could be a result of excessive wear and tear of the transmission. Although this does not mean your transmission will fail immediately, it is a sign that your transmission has issues. To handle this, try to keep your transmission fluid clean and use transmission additives. Also, try as much as possible not to accelerate rapidly. Make sure that before you hit the throttle, your transmission engages fully.
  • When you experience a delay when shifting out of park, it is an indication of that there is total mileage and wear. If your car engages immediately, it means your transmission is in good condition. If it takes up to a second to engage, your transmission has normal wear and can still function for some time. However, when it takes a longer time (two seconds or more), it is a sign that your transmission is really wearing out. You will need to fix this as soon as possible by contacting an auto mechanic.
  • When you experience transmission slips or jerks between shifts, do not panic as there is no need to replace the entire transmission. Visit an auto mechanic who will find out what the problem is and provide a solution.

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