Monday, May 22, 2017

Antique Car Transmission Rebuild in NJ

“Old is Gold” this saying is just as old as the car your grandparents have kept as a memory back in the garage or maybe it’s even older than that. However, old it maybe but it’s not wrong just as the saying is up and running so should your old vintage car be.

So, if you are trying to drive your vintage car and feel like it’s not cooperating or if you want an antique car transmission rebuild in NJ for your classic car we are here to provide you with our professional and competitive services at European Exchange

Antique Car Transmission Rebuild in NJ 
We will rebuild your car in such a way that you will feel as if nothing ever happened to it. We provide repair and rebuilding services to all types of the car so whether it’s a classic Ford, Chevrolet, Mercedes, Cadillac etc. we will rebuild it to its original glory.

We have years of experience in rebuilding and repairing classic cars. After a thorough inspection of your car, our professionals will jot down the right solution from our transmission services which includes antique car transmission installation, transmission repair or antique car transmission rebuild in NJ. We also provide European antique car transmission rebuild, American antique car transmission rebuilds and much more. No matter what type of classic vehicle you own, our professional team promises to provide you with a correctly functioning transmission.

After inspection, our technicians will remove your transmission and take it down to inspect each part. Using the right set of tools, we will then swap parts of your transmission that are hindering the performance of your vehicle. After replacing and adding the necessary pieces, our experts will test drive your vintage car to guarantee your transmission rebuild is a success.

To learn more about our antique car transmission rebuild rebuild in NJ, please call us at European Exchange today at 201-880-6633. One of our transmission experts will be happy to speak to you. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Classic Car Transmission Rebuild in NJ

Do you have a classic car that you love so much but the transmission seems to be giving you problems or not working at all? Well, all is not lost as you can have the car transmission system rebuilt.

Many classic cars have a transmission system that is different from the modern cars. This means that your 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and so forth models do not have their spare parts available in the market for the replacement. 

Classic Car Transmission Rebuild in NJ 
That should not worry you because you have us at European Exchange, our auto service engineers that can handle classic car transmission rebuild in NJ.

The kind and extent of repair that is to be done on the transmission system depend on the damage done on the engine. 

With time, the car’s engine gathers dust, transmission wear, rust, and grease buildup. Some parts may never work even after being cleaned. Such parts need replacement. Other parts require cleaning and welding and are back to their functional state. 

Some of the parts that require an overhaul or repair include fiction clutches, gaskets, steel clutches, rubber seals, metal sealing rings, front pump seal and much more. 

How to go about having the classic car transmission system restored  
Some auto repair shops may not restore some models. It is important to find out if the transmission system of the specific model of your classic car can be rebuilt by the auto service shop. At European Exchange, chances are we're able to store your classic car regardless of make or model. 

Most likely, you will have to tow or carry your classic car to the repair shop. We may be able to help you with transporting your car from you home to our shop. The cost of rebuilding the transmission system depends on the amount of damage done to the system. The more the parts that require replacement, the higher the cost of restoring the system. 

The car transmission repairs of any kind require expertise and experience. For the sake of your car, don't attempt to rebuild the transmission system yourself. The chances are that you are likely to cause further damage if you are not a trained vehicle repair professional. Our rebuilding of the transmission system should lead to a revved up engine that gives you more power and resurrects your classic machine. 

You can have us rebuild your classic car's transmission if you are planning to showcase the vehicle, want to race your classic car or want to sell the vehicle. A functional classic car fetches a better price than selling a scrap of the same car. 

Most of the classic models are rare to find. Give your classic car a new lease of life by having a transmission system rebuild.

To learn more about our classic car transmission rebuild in NJ, call us today at 201-880-6633. One of our technicians at European Exchange will be happy to speak with you. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Antique Car Transmission Repair in NJ

Antique cars are a thing to behold. They represent the technology and elegance of an era all captured and frozen in steel. While providing a spectacle, antique cars can also be very delicate and require regular expert maintenance.

Antique car transmission is a major concern as it affects the fluidity and ease with which you transport yourself. If your antique car makes a lot of noise when changing gears or changes gears rather slowly then it may be an indication that you have a faulty transmission system in your beloved antique car.

Beyond bodywork, a paint job and a total remodeling, a transmission problem is a major issue and you should have a dedicated expert lead you as you undertake antique car transmission repair in NJ. 

Antique Car Transmission Repair in NJ 
We understand that you may find it to be a challenge to find a transmission repair shop that can service antique cars. At European Exchange our transmission experts are very capable of servicing antique cars. 

On today's blog we's like to discuss what can effect the cost of antique car transmission repair in NJ

Make and Model
Even among antique cars, the make and model is still a major consideration where transmission repair is concerned. Repairing older and rarer cars will cost more as the parts are increasingly hard to find.

Our antique car transmission specialists will be able to source the parts but because they would be rare to find.

Professional service 
You cannot afford to drop off your precious antique car at just anybody’s workshop because they profess to have an interest or expertise in antique cars.

Just like contemporary cars, they should be taken to a specialist who knows exactly what to do and what parts and tools to use. We have been experts in repairing all sorts of transmissions from every kind of car, especially antique cars. Our licensed experts have the expertise and training to work on antique cars. 

Level of damage
The question of how damaged the transmission is would also reflect on the bill. In some cases an antique car transmission repair would be possible as the major parts can be salvaged. A repair would cause considerably less and is straightforward.

However, in some cases a complete rebuild of the transmission would have to take place to get your antique car back on the road and will understandably cost more. 

Ultimately, our knowledgeable professionals are able to clearly explain what is wrong and how to correct the problem.

Once you settle for our professional services that you trust, stick with us and we'll your antique care all the love and care it deserves.

To learn more about our antique car transmission repair in NJ, please call us at European Exchange at 201-880-6633. One of our professional technicians will be happy to speak to you. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Transmission Rebuild NJ

If your car is slow on changing up or down or is having jerky noises when changing the gear, it may have a transmission problem. One remedy for an extensively damaged transmission is a transmission rebuild. This is where the transmission system is taken apart completely and put back together after replacing damaged or worn out parts. On today’s blog we at European Exchange would like to go into great detail about transmission rebuild in NJ.

What is involved?
Transmission Rebuild NJ 
A transmission diagnosis is done to determine if there is a need for a transmission rebuild. If the mechanic finds out there is a need for it, the process he will follow includes:
•    Taking apart the transmission system
•    Cleaning the transmission using a parts washer which is a chemical solvent
•    Replacing wonky, worn and damaged parts along with seals and gaskets
•    Performing any electric repairs
•    Updating the transmission if there have been advances in transmission in your car’s model
•    Re-assembling the transmission and putting it back in the car

Replacing parts is inevitable
If there is a need for a transmission rebuild, replacing some parts is inevitable. The parts that are commonly replaced include:

1.    Soft parts
This is also known as the Master Rebuild Kit (MRK). These are the parts that are designed to wear out. They include seals, clutches, gaskets, bands, bushings, bearings sealing rings, and transmission 

2.    Hard parts
These are parts that are not included in the rebuild kit. This could be a solenoid or even the transmission case.

3.    Torque converter
The converter will usually have a lot of debris. The problem is usually that the torque converter can’t be cleaned or flushed out. It has to be replaced in the case of a transmission rebuild

4.    Upgrades
These are parts which new versions have come up.  Putting in these new versions will improve the performance of the transmission.

5.    Transmission fluid
New Automatic Transmission Fluid will be needed for a rebuild.

What does it cost?
There are several factors that determine the cost of a transmission rebuild. These include the type of vehicle, the extent of the damage, and the parts that need replacing. Before giving you a fair estimate we will examine your transmission and consider all of these factors.

You should consider the value of the work done as well. This includes the warranty. Ideally, you will be offered a 12-month warranty. This can be upgraded to a longer period of 5 years on the parts and labor.

It is always better to spend good money on good quality transmission rebuild than going for cheap patch jobs that inevitably lead you back to the repair shop.

To learn more about our transmission rebuild in NJ, or for more information about us at European Exchange, please call us today at 201-880-6633. One of our transmission experts will be happy to speak to you.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

NJ Transmission Repair Shop

When do you Need to Visit a Transmission Repair Shop?

On today’s blog, we at European Exchange want to discuss possible reasons to visit our NJ transmission repair shop.

NJ Transmission Repair Shop 
A faulty transmission is one of the most feared car problems for car owners. The transmission drives the engine’s power to the axles using a set of gears. A damaged transmission can bring your car to a complete halt. Remedying a faulty transmission will require a visit to the transmission repair shop where a thorough diagnosis is done before different measures can be taken. What are the signs that you need to visit the transmission repair shop?

Warning lights
Modern vehicles have sensors to alert the driver on different faults. A warning light indicating ‘O/D’ stands for Overdrive, meaning the diagnostics system has sensed a problem with the transmission. A P700 code generated during diagnostics means a general transmission fault.

Strange noises
If the car is making noises when there is a gear shift, the transmission is the likely culprit. The noises could be clunking or thumping noises. In a manual transmission, a grinding noise will be heard when the clutch is not engaging correctly.

Performance problems
Power loss is a sure pointer to a transmission problem.  You can feel the transmission slipping or hesitating when shifting. This is accompanied by a power loss i.e. when you press the accelerator, the engine revs up but there is no corresponding pick up of speed.

In a manual vehicle shifting the gear becomes difficult, even with the clutch pressed fully in. the gear could also slip out after engaging. This will be accompanied by a loud roar as the engine revs up while the car slows down or halts.

Unusual sensations
You might notice that the car is behaving strangely when shifting in or out of a particular gear. This could be a jerky feeling or strange vibrations. This is an indicator that there is a problem with a certain part in the transmission.

You may also sense strange chemical or burning smells. The transmission generates very high temperatures. If there is inadequate lubrication, the transmission parts grind against each other producing the burning or chemical smells.

Leaks and puddles under the car
Transmission fluid provides the lubrication needed to absorb the heat in the transmission. When there is a leaky gasket or seal, the transmission fluid will leak and puddle under the car. This is seen as a brown, red or pink fluid.  Leaking transmission fluid will be accompanied by shifting problems and delayed gear engagement. The whole transmission could also ‘knock.’

It is essential to keep these common signs in mind so that you can be alerted to visit the transmission repair shop in time and avoid extensive damage.

For more information about us at European Exchange or to learn more about our NJ transmission repair shop, please call us today at 201-880-6633. One of our transmission repair experts will be ready to help you.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Truck Transmission Repair in NJ

Every truck owner and driver knows the importance of regular maintenance such as rotating tires and oil changes, but what about truck transmission, why is it important to maintain and repair your truck transmission? Truck transmission in made up of hundreds of components that make it a major part of your truck has it enables your truck to move forward. The transmission fluid cools, lubricates, transmits pressure and force, protects the transmission and inhibits varnish build-up. Truck transmission maintenance and repair help keeps your truck running smoothly.

At European Exchange, we understand the intricate nature of truck transmission repair in NJ as a result of doing it for many years. On today’s blog, we’d like to discuss our truck transmission repair.

Truck Transmission Repair in NJ 
The truck engines are what operates the truck, but the importance of transmission is simply to handle any extra additional power for some engines like diesel engines. The transmission depends on the engines to pump and build oil pressure. The faster they are, the more pressure will be built meaning the more additional power the transmission will be made to handle. Harsh driving conditions can devastate the transmission fluid leading to transmission failure. Old and dirty transmission fluid can also lead to transmission failure or other transmission related issues.

The common types of transmission include automatic transmission, semi-automatic transmission, manual transmission, and continues variable transmission. A list of the common difficulties that may arise with your truck transmission include:

·         Transmission is unable to gear
·         Transmission slipping
·         Transmission leaking
·         Grinding or chatter noise tithe transmission
·         Hard or late shifting of gear
·         The Truck is unable to move
·         Loss of acceleration power

Transmission repair in our truck transmission repair shop
Our technicians are well versed in the demands associated with truck transmission difficulties or even failure. They know how hard it is to perform transmission repair and they use their years of expertise to make sure the transmission repair is successful and can handle the extra load. In addition to truck transition repair, we behave a range of upgrades available to make sure your truck transmission is stronger and dependable.

Our truck transmission repair main purpose is to enable the smooth running of your truck. When you experience either of the problems named above with your truck, it means your truck's transmission has worn out and it has started to develop problems. These transmission problems are commonly known as the main causes of mechanical breakdown which means repair work should be done as quickly as possible. When this happens, our transmission technicians are ready to help you with your truck transmission repair, rebuild or replace.

To learn more about our truck transmission repair in NJ at European Exchange please call us today at 201-880-6633. One of our transmission experts will be happy to speak to you. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Fleet Transmission Repair in NJ

Here, we offer our years of experience and expertise in solving fleet transmission problems in record time and at affordable prices. At European Exchange, our team is made up of highly trained and professional technicians with an extensive work experience in fleet transmission repair in NJ.

Fleet Transmission Repair in NJ 
We understand how important your fleet vehicles are; that is why we are committed to excellent service delivery. Below are some reasons why you can trust us with your vehicle.

1.  Speed: For us, we understand urgency of getting your vehicles back on the road as soon as possible. That is why our technicians are trained to handle servicing and repairs from the moment you bring in your fleet.
2.   Reliability: We have been in the business of fleet transmission repair for a long time and have come across different fleet problems. We are well positioned to take on any fleet regardless of the problems or numbers of vehicles. As such, you can trust us to do the job and do it well.
3.   Long-term results: Because we believe in lasting results, we are experts in preventive maintenance. That is why fleets serviced at our shop will give you long working time. What that means is that your vehicles will stay much longer on the road than in the repair shop.
4.      Affordability: while we offer top of the line services, our prices are inexpensive. We have a wide array of offers to meet your budget and at the same time achieve the desired result.

Our unique service delivery in fleet transmission repair has endeared us to numerous clients who in turn refer us to their friends and families. Fleet businesses and personal fleet owners have trusted our technical team for a long time and have continued to rely on us for effective and efficient fleet transmission repairs.

To learn more about us at European Exchange or for more information about our fleet transmission repair in NJ, please call us today at 201-880-6633. One of our experts in transmission repair will be happy to speak with you.