Friday, December 20, 2013

Porsche 918 Spyder: Porsche Transmission Repair

Recently Bloomberg has named the Porsche 918 Spyder the best sports car of 2013. Porsche has long been at the top of the sports car world, but there are distinct differences in this model. It is one of the few supercars in the world that is a hybrid. At a $845,000 price tag the 918 Spyder surpasses the $4Mill Lamborghini Veneno and the $1.4Mill LaFerrari. The 918 is an exemplar of Porsche's race car heritage without losing consumer appeal. It is Porche's first go at a supercar since the Carrera GT, which was released almost a decade ago. All of that time between projects can be seen in the performance of the 918. It's V8 hybrid engine pushes out an astounding 887hp and the car weighs in at 3,715lbs. This is apparent in it's blistering acceleration that Porsche records as 0-62mph in just 2.8 seconds. The 918 isn't just all go all the time. Porsche placed a five position rotary dial on the steering wheel that lets the driver select between five different modes: electric, hybrid, sport, race, and hot lap. When it's not running in electric mode, it is one of the loudest and angriest cars to don the Porsche badge.
With the amount of engineering that goes into each and every Porsche it is essential to find a company that understands and values these machines of modern power with the same degree. European Exchange is a company that specializes in Porsche transmission repair in NJ. Their years of experience and knowledge have made them experts in repairing and rebuilding Porsche transmissions.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Transmission Repair Service in NJ

Automobiles have come a long way in their near century of production. Henry Ford would be amazed to see automatic door locks and seat warmers, let alone in-dash navigation systems. America's automotive innovations have set the standards most of the auto industry worldwide. One overlooked advancement that is often overlooked is the car's transmission. These complex pieces of gears are a testament to mankind's engineering. The experts at European Exchange, a NJ transmission repair shop, want you to understand one of the most important parts of your car:
  • Manual (Standard) Transmission – many people forget the days where this was the only way to buy a car. Although a fairly simple design it does take a certain amount of skill and proficiency. There are countries where you can't obtain a full license unless you complete the driver's test with a standard transmission. These transmissions are still wildly popular with driving enthusiasts due to their increased level of control of the cars operation.
  • Automatic Transmission – It's hard to believe but these were first developed in the 1920's, they have since become the most common transmission in the US. The convenience of them is what has made them so popular, put in drive and go. Despite the simplistic operation of these transmissions, they are in fact extremely complex in their duties. This is obvious to anyone who has ever needed transmission repair service in NJ. Their hefty weight causes some loss in gas mileage which is one of their biggest draw backs.
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) – They work essentially the same as automatic transmissions, but there is no shifting with these transmissions. Instead the pulleys inside the transmission automatically adjust in size. These are most common on light forms of transportation such as scooters.
  • Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT) – Often used on high-end sports cars, these transmissions are a complex formation of automatic trans, manual trans and computers. When engaged in automatic mode the computer decides gear shifts, when in manual it is up to the driver using the cars buttons or paddles. The computer can be adjusted to your personal driving style, if you're an aggressive driver with a lead foot the transmission will shift accordingly. The most beneficial factor is that because the gear shifts are monitored by a computer, damaging a DCT is nearly impossible.

This is only the surface of transmissions these days. There are a thousand other components and factors to consider when thinking about a cars transmission. This is a key part when looking for a mechanic to service your transmission. European Exchange has years of knowledge and experience with each of these transmissions and treats each service with the same level of care.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Audi Transmission Repairs NJ

If you have an Audi that needs transmission work, European Exchange Inc specializes in transmission repairs for fine imported automobiles. Our expert staff has experience in every type of transmission that exists and can perform Audi transmission repairs in NJ for a fraction of the cost that a dealership would charge.

European Exchange Inc has a spacious facility with six lifts. We also stock over 2500 transmission at all times. All of this allows us to get to work on your vehicle as soon as possible. It is very important for us to have your car back on the road quickly. We provide many services, including:

  • Transmission installation
  • DIagnostics
  • Transmission repairs
  • Maintenance
  • CV joints and axles

We use the Launch X-431 scanning tool for any diagnostics work. This allows us to quickly make a proper diagnosis. A broken sensor can cause a transmission to not function properly. By finding the problem immediately, we can quickly repair what is wrong.

If you would like more information on NJ Audi transmission repairs, contact European Exchange Inc.

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