Friday, December 11, 2015

Transmission Repair Shop in NJ

Your car broke down. More specifically, your transmission is on the fritz. Maybe it’s so far gone that you can’t even drive the car anymore. Or maybe you noticed an unusual sound, a burning smell, leaking fluid, or experienced an inability to properly shift gears. No matter the issue you’re facing at the moment. Our transmission repair shop in NJ is ready to meet your needs and get you back on the road. At European Exchange, you can count on us to have your transmission repaired without delay. For over 20 years we've serviced cars, trucks, and fleets with expert transmission services. Our commitment to your satisfaction and vehicle's performance ensures that you receive expert service in our affordable transmission repair shop in NJ. 

Experience is the key to everything. Practice makes perfect, and hard work pays off in every story. Our NJ transmission repair shop was built on this philosophy. With over 20 years in the game and up-to-date training, equipment, and on the job learning a team needs to be successful, we know what problems to look for before you roll the car into our garage. Beyond that, we have the tools, resources, and staff to sort you out in no time at all.

In our years of dealing with all sorts of cars, big and small, powerful and safe for the environment, new and old. We’ve taken notice of every car and noticed the inner workings of each problem. Through our careful attention to detail, we won’t waste time looking for issues that don’t need to be solved. We’ll jump right in, get to work on the trouble area, and get the transmission like new. You’ll be surprised at how well your car will feel under your feet. You may even start to think that you drove off in the wrong car. No, that’s your car. That’s just how quality work makes her run. At our experienced transmission repair shop in NJ, we strive for nothing less.

In the event that you can’t bring the car down to our shop, don’t worry. We’ll come pick it up, even under the biggest of emergencies. We’ll treat your car as if were our own. If you have a problem, so do we. If you can’t get to work, then we won’t rest easy. Trust us, your car is in expert hands. Hands that were made to sort out transmissions and bring the most out of every broken transmission. Our team is dedicated to cars, and we've been under the hood with a combined experience reaching over 50 years. At our local transmission repair shop in NJ, experience, dedication, and affordability come together to provide you with unforgettable service performed without delay.

For more information about our professional transmission repair shop in NJ, call European Exchange today at (201) 880-6633.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Transmission Repair in North Jersey

Need transmission repair in North Jersey? At European Exchange, we've been serving car and truck owners with affordable, expert service since 1992. Our professionals have over 50 years of combined experience getting autos back on the road without delay. When you bring your vehicle in for our services, you can trust that your car is left with caring experts who are truly dedicated to your car's performance and your satisfaction.

Repairing your malfunctioning transmission is important. We’ll get to that the minute you have a problem. But we hope you don’t have any problems with your transmission. Really. Even though we have all the expertise to get you on the road again, our goal is to make sure you drive without incident in the first place. We’ve assembled a list of three common transmission problems our customers have. We hope this information will help you understand what you’re hearing, or not hearing, from your car. Don’t forget to bring in your car for affordable transmission repair in North Jersey the moment you notice any of these issues.

Whining Sound, or Humming

These sounds can ring an immediate alarm. When you’re driving along and all of a sudden a clicking, rattling, buzzing, whining, clunking, or humming sound comes at you from under the hood. Uh-oh! If you’re driving a manual transmission, a joint may have dislodged in the shifting process. Come to us, especially if your car is automatic, or the sound persists in high velocity. We don’t have earplugs for you, but we do have repair.

Smell Something Burning

Another alarm at this one. It smells as if the car is on fire. You begin to check the ashtray, the floors, and the seats. No, it’s coming from beneath the hood. This is a problem you need addressed pronto. You should bring it in for expert transmission repair in North Jersey.Your transmission fluid is overheating, and what you smell is the result of its burning. You may have low fluid, or maybe you used the wrong type (or cheap brand) of fluid in your transmission.


Though not as intimidating as the previous two, leaking transmission fluid is no joke. The problem is severe and you need immediate service. This is an indication that your transmission is breaking down internally. Maybe you heard a noise or smelt burning and didn’t get the transmission looked at. If you noticed no previous symptoms, then it may be that you haven’t flushed or changed your fluid for a while. Either way, we’ll be at your service.

We are proud to serve the following areas with transmission repair in North Jersey:
When you notice any of the above symptoms, you need to have your vehicle inspected for any potential problems. Leaving these to the last minute will only create larger problems for you down the road.

For more information about our professional transmission repair in North Jersey, call European Exchange today at (201) 880-6633.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Truck Transmission Repair in NJ

The transmission you find in your truck is heavy duty. Way more heavy duty than a sedan, coupe, or smaller car. It is meant to carry a larger body and haul a bigger load. This is especially true if you’re using your truck for towing, but true nonetheless under normal circumstances. The average technician should not tackle this job. Definitely not a driveway mechanic. Performing truck transmission repair in NJ is a job only the experts know how to handle. At European Exchange, our 10,000 square feet repair shop has the equipment, expertise, and years of dedication to get your truck back on the road without delay. Our professionals are under the hood of many makes and models, and efficiently perform truck transmission repair in NJ to keep your business up and running.

Think about your truck for a moment. Think about how you drive behind the wheel. Now imagine how you’d drive if it were a hatchback. You can understand the difference. Your truck is more powerful, so you dredge it through all sorts of adverse conditions. Not because you’re being unfair to the car. You’re not. You’re driving it as the truck should be driven. All the parts are working harder in a truck to get you over the hills, with or without a load. And the transmission is perhaps the most vital part of the entire system. The one exception of course, would be the engine. But even still, a professional truck transmission repair in NJ often requires more experience than maintenance done to an engine. Fortunately, our experts are well-versed in transmission maintenance, and we have several transmissions on-hand to keep repairs and replacement time low. 

This is why you need to take your truck to the right shop. Not just somebody who knows a little about how the transmission works. You need somebody who knows how YOU drive your truck. The pits and valleys of your everyday life take their toll. With proper checkups, tune-ups, and maintenance, you can avoid some of these problems before they become too large to handle with a simple truck transmission repair in NJ. But even if your transmission is worse for wear, we’ve seen worse. Your truck is our primary concern. Getting you on the road and off to do more heavy duty driving.

Our professionals perform local NJ truck transmission repair to the following counties:

When you are in need of expert truck transmission repair in NJ, contact European Exchange today at (201) 880-6633.