Thursday, July 30, 2015

Transmission Repair in North NJ

Are you in need of transmission repair in north NJ? You may be, without even realizing it. We've come up with some tell-tale signs that your car is in need of transmission repair, so you can repair them before they end up causing your car serious damage or leave you stranded on the side of the road. Look for these signs to see if your car is in need of transmission repair in north NJ.

  • Transmission Fluid Leak: The easiest to notice, as leaking red fluid from under your car is a sure sign that it's time for transmission repair. Without proper amounts of transmission fluid, your car will seize up and stop working. If you are unsure that what you're seeing is transmission fluid, check your dipstick level--it should be filled. Take your car for a short drive around the neighborhood, back home, and re-read the dipstick level. If it has dipped at all, you are in need of transmission repair in north NJ to patch the leaky culprit. 

  • Odd/Burnt Smell: Hand-in-hand with a leak, a burning smell typically indicates that your transmission fluid is leaking and you are in need of transmission repair in north NJ before your car seizes up. You will recognize this smell as different from gasoline or oil--it is a very distinct, harsh odor. At first whiff, make sure to bring your car in for our expert transmission repair services.

  • Trouble Shifting Gears (or your car won't at all): When you have difficulty in shifting, this could be caused by a few things. While we cannot say what exactly is causing this issue, it could be worn gears, a worn clutch, depleted lubricant, or other transmission problems. Bring your car in today to receive expert transmission repair in north NJ--we'll be sure to find what's wrong and have your car working properly in no time.

  • Grinding Noise: Sometimes your gears grind when you shift too fast, but this is common. If you experience regular grinding, then you may need a transmission flush. When experiencing grinding, check the transmission fluid level on even ground while the engine is running. If you notice depletion or anything other than a bright red color, you are in need of transmission repair in north NJ and should immediately bring your car to our transmission services experts.  

  • Check Engine Light is On: Oh, the dreaded "Check Engine" light and its hundreds of potential meanings. If you experience any of the above problems in conjunction with the check engine light on, you can be sure that you are in need of transmission repair. Bring in your car today for a full evaluation and the steps to take to ensure you are on the road again, experiencing no more transmission problems, and your car is running safely and smoothly.

These are the signs that you need a transmission repair in North NJ.
European Exchange has a team of transmission repair experts that will diagnose and repair your transmission at competitive prices.
To learn more about transmission repair in North NJ - Call European Exchange today at 201-880-6633.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Transmission Repair in NJ

Are you looking for transmission repair in NJ? Let the transmission specialists at European Exchange help you! At European Exchange, our experienced transmission mechanics can help keep your transmission repaired, maintained and healthy for as long as you need your car on the road.

At European Exchange, our experienced transmission experts have the skills necessary to repair or rebuild any type of transmission, be it an automatic transmission, manual transmission, antique transmission, classic transmission, CVT transmission, marine transmission, high performance transmission, truck transmission, or remanufactured transmission.. Regardless of your vehicle's make and model, European Exchange can ensure your transmission repair in NJ is completed right the first time. We can diagnose transmission issues accurately to provide the correct transmission service your vehicle needs to keep it running for years to come.

If you are in need of transmission repair in NJ that you can trust, let European Exchange help you. If you would like a free transmission repair estimate in NJ, call us today at 201-880-6633. We look forward to helping you.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Transmission Rebuild in NJ

Are you looking for transmission rebuild in NJ? At European Exchange, our transmission experts have more than 35 years of experience providing customers with efficient transmission rebuild in NJ. When your transmission is malfunctioning, sometimes a simple repair isn't enough. When a transmission is not shifting, bucking while driving and all around sluggish, a transmission rebuild may be necessary to get your vehicle running properly again. If you are in need of transmission rebuild in NJ, the professionals at European Exchange can help you.

During our transmission rebuild in NJ, our technicians will remove your transmission and disassemble it to inspect each part. Using the right tools, we will then replace parts of your transmission that are outdated and giving your vehicle problems. After replacing the necessary pieces, our experts will test drive your vehicle to ensure your transmission rebuild was a success.

At European Exchange, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Whether your vehicle is switching gears, giving off an unusual odor, shaking while being driven or more, our transmission experts will get to the bottom of your transmission problem and eliminate any of the mentioned signs you are experiencing. If you are interested in transmission rebuild in NJ and would like a free transmission repair estimate in NJ, call European Exchange at 201-880-6633.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Transmission Service in NJ

Are you looking for transmission service in NJ? European Exchange Inc. is an expert in all transmission services in NJ, including transmission repair, rebuilds and replacements. Regardless of your vehicle’s make or model, our transmission specialists have the knowledge and skills needed for a successful service.

There are many telltale signs that you need transmission service in NJ. When switching gears, does your transmission not want to go? Have you noticed an odd smell that isn't oil or coolant? Do you have to keep adding transmission fluid to your car? Does your car shake or jerk when driving, and/or make a grinding noise? These are all signs of a malfunctioning transmission. When you need reliable transmission service in NJ, you turn to European Exchange.

The trusted transmission experts at European Exchange ensure you are satisfied with your transmission repair service. Our transmission shop is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that we can service any vehicle with its right tools. Let European Exchange help you with transmission service in NJ. For a free transmission repair estimate in NJ, call European Exchange today at 201-880-6633.