Monday, April 29, 2013

Rebuilt Transmissions for New Jersey Drivers

Your vehicle’s transmission is so important to the overall performance of the vehicle.  However, because there are so many literal moving parts, it is the unfortunate source of many different mechanical issues.  If you are experiencing issues with your transmission, it can be costly to completely replace your transmission.  Another option that will save you some expense is choosing to rebuild the transmission instead.  For help with rebuilt transmissions in NJ, European Exchange can be of assistance.  

European Exchange has been a premier supplier of transmissions and transmission related services in New Jersey since 1976.  Over that time, we have provided NJ rebuilt transmissions for a wide range of vehicles from average four door sedans to ambulances to boats.  We understand our customers’ concerns and want to provide you with quality service every time.  In order to make things easier for you, we offer free quotes and are willing to discuss the work we do in-depth with you.

Transmissions must function properly in order to keep your car on the road for as many years as possible.  If you are interested in learning more about rebuilt transmissions in New Jersey and want to receive a free quote, call European Exchange today at 201-880-6633.

European Exchange Repairs Audi Transmissions in NJ

Does your Audi need transmission work? European Exchange Inc is a company that expertly performs several tasks on Audi transmissions in NJ. This includes repair, replacement and rebuilding for Audis or any other foreign or domestic automobile. We have worked on thousands of transmissions since 1976. We are familiar with every type and can easily perform any task that is required.

We stock our garage with over 2500 transmission cores to cut down time on waiting for orders to arrive. We not only install Audi transmissions in NJ, but a large variety of other transmissions including:

  • Automatic transmissions
  • Antique and vintage transmissions
  • CVT transmissions
  • Z.F – 5HP/6HP
  • Standard/manual transmissions
  • Marine transmissions
  • High performance transmissions
  • Vehicle transmissions
  • Truck transmissions
  • Rebuilt transmissions
  • Remanufactured transmissions
  • Commercial transmissions
  • Fleet account transmissions

We are known throughout the community for our outstanding services dealing with transmissions. “Your facility was recommended to us by one of our dealers who has found your repair center to be above average in both quality of work and fairness,” said customer David Heck. “These qualities you have shown are the same qualities that have helped us grow and increased our need to expand the list of repair facilities to better serve our customers.”

If your NJ Audi transmission needs repairs, we are the company that can give you the best work in a timely manner. For more information, call European Exchange at 201-880-6633 to talk to a transmission expert.

We Rebuild Any Kind of Transmission in Bergen County

If you have a broken transmission, European Exchange Inc can rebuild it. We have the technology to perform transmission rebuilds in Bergen County. Our staff has worked on thousands of transmissions since 1976. We are familiar with any kind type of transmission that there is. We specialize in transmissions for fine imported automobiles and domestic models as well.

Our facility in Hackensack has six lifts over 10,000 sq ft for us to rebuild transmissions in Bergen County. This gives us ample space to work on many vehicles at once. We can even work on large fleet vehicles. In addition to that, we always have 2500 transmission cores in stock. This cuts down on ordering time. We do everything that we can to get you vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

We also have a reputation for providing accurate diagnostic reports. Many times a transmission can be falsely diagnosed due to a broken sensor. At European Exchange, we use the Launch X-331 diagnostic scan tool. This provides accurate diagnosis to ensure that we are not repairing a properly functioning transmission. This can save a lot of time and money.

European Exchange is the company that can perfectly do any transmission work in a quick manner. For more information on transmission rebuilds in Bergen County or any of our other services, call us at 201-880-6636.

Friday, April 26, 2013

We Install Ford Transmissions in NJ

If you need any work done on a Ford transmission in NJ, European Exchange Inc specializes in transmissions. We have been installing, repairing and replacing transmissions since 1976. We are experienced in hundreds of types of transmissions, both foreign and domestic. Our garage stocks over 2500 transmissions so that we have your vehicle’s type on hand when needed. This saves us time from ordering and helps us to get your car back on the road in no time.

Our garage occupies over 10,000 sq ft and has six lifts. This allows us to work on several NJ Ford transmissions at once. Our w products are circulated throughout the county, to both independent and franchise transmission shops and repair facilities.

We are also diagnostics masters. Many times that a transmission is not functioning properly, one of the car’s many sensors is broken. This leads to a lot of costly and unnecessary transmission work. We are the sole supplier of the Launch X-431 diagnostic scan tool. This will help or find your car’s problem, enabling us to get right to work.

Although we specialize in transmissions, we will also provide other repair services and routine maintenance. Another one of our specialities is installing and repairing CV joints and axles. For more information on any of these services or Ford Transmissions in NJ, call us at 201-880-6633.