Monday, November 16, 2015

Transmission Service in Bergen County, NJ

 Because your transmission is among the most expensive and delicate pieces of machinery in your automobile, it is of vital importance that you keep it properly maintained. Replacing your transmission can cost more than buying a new vehicle. That is why you should take your car for regular transmission service in Bergen County NJ, paying extra attention to its needs and upkeep. European Exchange has over 40 years of combined experience working on transmissions for many makes and models of automobiles. Our expert car professionals can promptly provide you with transmission service in Bergen County NJ, minimizing time spent in the shop and getting you back on the road.

So how do you know if your transmission requires service? In order to understand that, you should better understand how the transmission can take damage and experience wear. Let us look at problems in a typical automatic transmission.

In their normal operations, a transmission will generate heat. It will also create debris from the friction of treading against gears, brushings, and other parts. If this debris builds up, it can cause blockages to the filter. When blockages occur, the flow of transmission fluid is reduced. This causes general damage to the transmission. A transmission specialist can clean this up in no time with professional transmission service in Bergen County NJ and prevent further, more expensive damage.

As mentioned above, the transmission will generate heat. If too much heat builds up within the parts, the additives in the transmission fluid can begin to fail. This heat is generated by the torque converter. These torque converters are built with a clutch that is designed to lock itself to prevent energy loss.

It is possible for any number of problems to arise in the torque converter. The additives in the transmission fluid also help the clutch of the converter to lock up properly. If old age wears down the fluid, the car can begin to experience a weird vibration. This vibration comes when the clutch attempts to lock itself, but has problems. The vibration is called a torque converter shudder and it typically occurs when the car is moving between 35 and 50 miles per hour.

Whether you have a problem with debris blockages or with a shudder at moving speeds, you should consider transmission service in Bergen County NJ as soon as possible. Any further damage may necessitate more expensive repairs in the future.

At European Exchange, we utilize our knowledge, expertise, and experience to work on your car the moment it enters our shop. We understand how a car in need of service can be stressful, and rearranging your schedule around lengthy repairs can wind up costing you money, time, and energy. Our professionals are here to perform transmission service when you need, timely making the necessary maintenance to get you back to your daily routine.

For more information about our expert transmission service in Bergen County NJ, call European Exchange today at (201) 880-6633.

We are proud to serve the following areas of Bergen County with transmission service:

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fleet Transmission Maintenance in NJ

 Fleet transmission maintenance in NJ is vital to keeping your car on the road and in running condition. This necessary quality of performance is even more important for a fleet vehicle. Because fleet vehicles are issued by a specific company for a specific purpose, if the car goes down, money is lost. More than money on repairs. Money in profit from decreased productivity. Since 1976, European Exchange has helped keep businesses in operation with prompt fleet transmission maintenance. Our professional service people understand that fleet downtime needs to be minimal, which is why we have Ford and GM transmissions on hand to get you promptly up and running. We’ve assembled a top three list of reasons why you should consider the transmission in your fleet vehicles of the utmost importance.


Your company stands for many things. Part of maintaining a good corporate culture is by keeping promises top to bottom. This means that your vehicles need to work as intended. This is even more critical for delivery and transportation services. One delay and your loss of reputation could be crippling. Still, it holds true for any fleet vehicle. At European Exchange, we perform prompt fleet transmission maintenance in NJ. By prompt, we mean that when you call us directly and bring your fleet vehicle into our 10,000 square foot repair shop, we get to work immediately and can have you back on the road in 24 hours.

Your Money

Let’s face it: money was the reason you got into business. No matter how noble your business philosophy is, if the company is losing more money than it earns, the business is unsuccessful. As mentioned above, rebuilding a transmission is not cheap. The costs can be nullified if you remember to stay on top of the transmission’s upkeep. When the car goes down, you lose more than the money spent on repairs. You also lose business. With our fleet transmission maintenance in NJ, your idle time is minimized and you can continue focusing on what needs to get done. We'll focus on getting your fleet up and running.


In line with the two items mentioned above, your company works best when all parts are oiled. Any loss in productivity will mean the wheel stops moving. When the wheel stops moving, you lose more than customers. You’ll also lose the trust of your employees. They’ll be unsure about their vehicle’s health and whether the materials provided can fit the job they’ve been assigned to. It’s not a stretch to link disgruntled employees with halted production. With our onsite transmissions, we save time ordering and waiting for arrival. When your fleet enters our shop, we can get to work immediately.

When you need fleet transmission maintenance in NJ, you're sure to get the service you expect out of European Exchange. We are committed to getting your fleet back on the road as efficiently as we can, and our years of combined experience have allowed us to keep downtime minimal while maintaining our own high-standards.

For more information about fleet transmission maintenance in NJ, call European Exchange today at (201) 880-6633.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Transmission Repair Shop in Bergen County, NJ

 Transmission repair is one of the most critical components to over car maintenance. Because the transmission is such a delicate piece of equipment, it requires the delicate hands of a serviceman who knows what to look for and how to treat it. That’s what we offer you. European Exchange's transmission repair shop in Bergen County NJ offers 10,000 square feet to provide your vehicle with exceptional service methods. Our professional staff is well-versed with many vehicle makes and models, and our prompt and affordable service will get you back on the road promptly. With European Exchange, your transmission is in the right hands.

The transmission has many parts within it, and normal wear and tear can damage these parts. If left to rot, a simple repair job can develop into a more pricey replacement or otherwise rebuilding. You should handle this transmission with utmost care. At our transmission repair shop in Bergen County NJ, we take great care in handling your car, employing our years of experience in the automotive repair industry to diagnose, repair, and have your car back in your hands without delay. It is advisable that you have your transmission checked at regular intervals, before your repair work costs more than a new car.

Most of the time, car owners follow the advice from their vehicle’s manufacturer. The problem is that these numbers can’t always be trusted. Car makers and sellers play with these numbers to make general upkeep of your car seem less expensive. They’ll either set a date far in the future or give you a predestined amount of miles before you should have your transmission checked.

The truth is, you’ll find many car makers will tell you to service your transmission after 100,000 miles when the real number is closer to 50,000 miles. By extending this lifespan by double, it cuts the cost of repair in half. However, you’ll pay more than double if you let your transmission sit for too long.

If you repair your transmission at 50,000 miles, you’ll prevent the need to rebuild it after 120,000 miles. Overall, the cost for simple repair work is much cheaper than the rebuilding process. If you use your vehicle for towing, it is best to check it at a lower mileage. Intervals of 30,000 miles work best for vehicles taking heavy strain.

Our transmission repair shop in Bergen County NJ can service your transmission with the following:

Your transmission is vital to your car’s overall performance. By neglecting its maintenance, you’re issuing a slow-death order to your vehicle. Our transmission repair shop in Bergen County NJ can save you money in the end, so it’s recommended to stay on top of it as best you can.

For more information about our transmission repair shop in Bergen County NJ, call European Exchange today at (201) 880-6633.