Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Mercedes Benz Transmission Exchange in NJ

Are you looking for a Mercedes Benz transmission exchange in NJ? Your transmission is a vital part of your vehicle but needing to replace your transmission doesn’t mean needing to replace your ride. European Exchange offers expert Mercedes Benz transmission exchange in NJ to help you extend the lifespan of your vehicle and keep you moving at the speed your busy life demands.

When a Mercedes Benz transmission is damaged, the car owner might spend thousands of dollars trying to rebuild or change the transmission for a new one. In many cases, transmission damage occurs as a result of neglect to certain signs that might indicate trouble in the transmission. If these signs are noticed in time and proper maintenance is carried out to fix the issues, the transmission will perform well. So here are a few important signs that your Mercedes transmission might be in serious trouble:

  •  If at the bottom of the oil pan, you discover that there are some fine particles or fragments, it is an indication of an underlying issue with the transmission of your Mercedes car.
  •  Another sign that your car's transmission is in trouble is when your transmission fluid has a burnt smell, or the transmission fluid has a dark color.
  •  If you experience a delay when you’re trying to shift out of park, the transmission of your vehicle might have some issues. In such situations, it takes a while (more than a second) to engage in drive or reverse.
  •  When the transmission fails to shift to a higher gear or you experience great difficulty in shifting to a higher gear, the transmission of your car might be faulty and will need repairs.
  • In cases where there are transmission slips or jerks between shifts, it is very possible you have a troubled transmission.

Before you replace your transmission, it is important you carry out the proper diagnostics first to determine if replacing the transmission is the best. To prevent issues with your transmission, it is important that you carry out maintenance or servicing. Here are some tips to improve the life and performance of the transmission, as well as how to properly carry out diagnostics.

  • When you have burnt fluid or presence of metallic dust or fragments, it could be a result of excessive wear and tear of the transmission. Although this does not mean your transmission will fail immediately, it is a sign that your transmission has issues. To handle this, try to keep your transmission fluid clean and use transmission additives. Also, try as much as possible not to accelerate rapidly. Make sure that before you hit the throttle, your transmission engages fully.
  • When you experience a delay when shifting out of park, it is an indication of that there is total mileage and wear. If your car engages immediately, it means your transmission is in good condition. If it takes up to a second to engage, your transmission has normal wear and can still function for some time. However, when it takes a longer time (two seconds or more), it is a sign that your transmission is really wearing out. You will need to fix this as soon as possible by contacting an auto mechanic.
  • When you experience transmission slips or jerks between shifts, do not panic as there is no need to replace the entire transmission. Visit an auto mechanic who will find out what the problem is and provide a solution.

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