Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ford F150 Transmission Repair in NJ

There are many things that can happen to a Ford that can require repairs and maintenance services. The biggest problems that can often occur happen within the transmission, which controls the basic movement of a car by ensuring that the engine and wheels are in sync. When there is an issue with a Ford transmission, you can rely on European Exchange, which specializes in Ford F150 transmission repair in NJ.

Our transmission specialists at European Exchange have been working in the business since 1976. As a supplier of transmissions for vehicles, we work to rebuild, repair and replace transmissions in many types of vehicles. We work quickly and efficiently on many models and makes of cars to ensure that your transmission is fixed right away.

We perform services for many types of Fords, but we specialize in F150 transmission repair in NJ. The F150 models we service at European Exchange include:

  • 1975-6 Ford F150/C5
  • 1982-86 Ford F150/C6
  • 1985-92 Ford F150/AOD
  • 1992-97 Ford F150/E40D
  • 1994-03 Ford F150/4R70W
  • 1998-04 Ford F150/5.4 L 16 Valve 4R100
  • 2004-06 Ford F150/5.4 L 24 Valve 4R75W/4R75E
  • 2004-06 Ford F150/6.8 L 4R75W/75E
  • 2004-On Ford/4.2 4R70W/4R70E
  • 2004-On Ford/4.6 L 4R70W/4R70E
  • 2009-On Ford/5.4 L 6R75/6R80

At European Exchange, we understand that the transmission is the main component of your Ford. When you bring your car to us with transmission issues, our specialists will examine your vehicle to discover the exact problem with your transmission. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry, we will quickly be able to work with you to provide you with affordable Ford F150 transmission repair in NJ.

For more information on the services we provide at European Exchange, or for F150 transmission repair in NJ, contact our experts today at 201-880-6633!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

GMC Transmission Repair in NJ

GMC is a trusted and popular truck manufacturer.  Every day, New Jersey residents put their trust in these vehicles for both work and recreation purposes.  Although sturdy and able to handle most jobs, they can experience mechanical issues just like any other car or truck.  Any time your GMC truck is out of service, it can be frustrating and even costly for those whose businesses depend on their trucks.  If you are experiencing trouble with your GMC transmission, European Exchange’s experts offer GMC transmission repair for NJ residents.

European Exchange is familiar with all makes and models of GMC transmission repair in New Jersey. We take pride in giving you peace of mind through quality repair work. When you bring your GMC to us, you can rest assured knowing that you will not be returning to us any time soon for follow-up repairs.  You should not have to pay exorbitant prices just to drive your GMC truck again and we do not charge you outrageous prices as a result.

You did not buy your GMC to stare at it in the driveway or garage. You bought it to put it to work on the road every day, but you first have to resolve that transmission issue. Let us get your GMC back in working order again.  To learn more about our New Jersey GMC transmission repair services, call European Exchange today at 201-880-6633 and receive a free estimate from one of our transmission experts.

Chevy Transmission Repair in NJ

Transmissions in cars and trucks are tricky. They are the heart of any vehicle, so when they need to be repaired, it is vital to do is as quickly as possible. If you own a Chevrolet and are experiencing problems with its transmission, contact European Exchange for Chevy transmission repair in NJ.

At European Exchange, we have been in business since 1992. We work with many types of vehicles and specialize in transmission repairs and maintenance. We are located in Hackensack, NJ and are open Monday through Saturday.

We are a major supplier of imported parts for Chevrolet transmission repair in NJ. We have the knowledge and expertise to rebuild or replace your transmission when you have an issue with it. Our specialists will examine your transmission to first diagnose the problem before offering you a solution.

We provide repair services for many makes and models of Chevrolet vehicles. For a complete list of all the types of Chevrolet vehicles that we provide Chevy transmission repair in NJ for, click here.

We want to help you restore your Chevrolet to its original working condition through our repair services. We will offer you only our most top-quality services to repair your vehicle.

For more information about the services we have for Chevrolet transmission repair in NJ, contact European Exchange at 201-880-6633 to speak with an expert today. We will be happy to service your vehicle in an affordable, efficient and quick manner!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Van Transmission Repair in NJ

Are you looking for van transmission repair in New Jersey?  Vans are not exactly purchased for their looks, but for their multi-purpose utility.  You can help a friend move into his new apartment, take your newly formed garage band on the road, or deliver dozens of roses to your significant other when you mess up.  However, none of these things will be possible if you are experiencing problems with the van’s transmission.  Stop by European Exchange and get this problem fixed.

Since 1976, European Exchange has been helping New Jersey residents stay on the road longer through our van transmission repair services.  As a customer service-based company, we care about you and your needs, not just what is in your wallet.  Because of our expertise in the field, we are able to offer customers quality services without inflated prices.  We specialize in all forms of NJ transmission repair and are the sole supplier of many imported transmission parts in the New Jersey area.

You need your van for many different things, but you first need to get it fixed.  Do not wait any longer when the transmission can be easily repaired today.  To learn more about NJ van transmission repair and to receive a free estimate from one of our transmission experts, call European Exchange today at 201-880-6633.  

Friday, January 18, 2013

Plow Truck Transmission Repair in NJ

It is plowing season. The roads are covered with snow and everyone is counting on you to keep the roads clear so that people can return from school and work safely. Just remember: you may have the largest plow in town, but you are not plowing anything with a busted transmission. Cars will be slipping and sliding off of the roads. Cars will ram into trees and other cars. You do not want to let that happen. And it will not happen as long as you call for plow truck transmission repairs in NJ. European Exchange Inc has been specializing in transmission repairs since 1976.

We work with imported and American automobiles, and familiar with all types of speciality trucks plows, ambulances and box trucks. We work on transmissions for all types of imports including Mercedes, BMWs, Jaguars, Audis, Mini Coopers and Range Rovers. But that is just the beginning. We have worked on transmissions for hundreds of makes and models. We supply over 2500 transmission cores.

We have so many kinds of transmissions in or shop that we are like the Ben and Jerry’s of transmissions. We install and repair:

  • Automatic transmissions
  • Manual transmissions
  • Hydraulic transmissions
  • Antique transmissions
  • Classic transmissions
  • CVT transmissions
  • Plow truck transmission repair in NJ
  • Marine transmissions
  • High performance transmissions
  • Truck transmissions
  • Remanufactured transmissions

We offer honest quality work at affordable pricing, but do not just take our word for it. Customer Marc Appelbaum said, “It is all too clear to me that you could have done any number of things to generate a bill in excess of $1000, and in many cases not even have done the work. You didn’t!”

For more information on our snow plow transmission repair services in NJ, call 201-880-6633.

Box Truck Transmissions in Bergen County NJ

As the owner of a box truck, you probably rely on it for a number of things.  You may be in the residential moving business or you just need to transport your products from Point A to Point B.  Either way, the success of your business depends largely on the box trucks you own and their ability to run.  European Exchange understands this need and offers repairs on box truck transmissions in Bergen County NJ to help you operate.

European Exchange has been offering services for box truck transmissions in Bergen County for over 30 years and our commitment to excellence holds true today.  Our experts’ goal is to offer you the best service possible without overcharging for the service.  Whether you have a U-Haul location or move frozen fish every morning, we work to get your trucks back out on the road as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.  

We offer transmission repair for the following specialty vehicles:

  • SUV transmissions
  • Ambulance transmissions
  • Van transmissions
  • Limousine transmissions
  • Pickup truck transmissions
  • Tow truck transmissions
  • Plow truck transmissions

Do not let your business’ profitability be hurt by a few out-of-commission box trucks.  Rely on professional help to get them serving you again.  To learn more about our services for box truck transmissions in Bergen County, NJ, call European Exchange today at 201-880-6633 to speak with one of our experts.

Tow Truck Transmissions in Bergen County

There are some things that you can let go on your tow truck: the air conditioner, the radio or even the power window on the passenger side. The transmission is not one of these things. Tow truck transmissions in Bergen County is not on this list. If you leave your transmission unchecked you will need a tow truck to tow your tow truck. And God help you if that tow truck has a broken transmission. You could end up in an infinite loop. European Exchange Inc repairs transmissions for fine imported automobiles and tow trucks.

Since 1976, we have been rebuilding domestic and foreign tow truck transmissions in Bergen County and Northern New Jersey. Throughout those years we have seen all types of transmissions pass through our garage. We are skilled to work with:

  • Automatic transmissions
  • Manual transmissions
  • Antique transmissions
  • Classic transmissions
  • CVT transmissions
  • Marine transmissions
  • High performance transmissions
  • Truck transmissions
  • Remanufactured transmissions

That’s a lot of transmissions! We also work on a wide variety of specialty trucks to go along with the transmission list: ambulances, box trucks, limousines and plows. If it has a transmission, we can rebuild it. We have the technology.

We are diagnostics experts. Many things must be properly working for a transmissions to run. There are many computer modules that exist to see what any given problem is. We know how to use them in order for the best results.

We have some non-transmission services. We can also repair CV joints, axles, drive shafts and velocity joints. For more information about any services including Bergen County tow truck transmissions, call  201-88-6633.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Ambulance Transmission Repair in NJ

A working transmission is very important for personal vehicles, but with emergency vehicles it can actually be a matter of life and death.  An ambulance must always be in top shape because of the important role it plays in healthcare.  In emergency situations, there is no time to call AAA or call a friend for a ride.  Patients need help and must get to a hospital as quickly as possible.  European Exchange appreciates the importance of quality work and offers NJ ambulance transmission repair services to keep paramedics on the road.

Since 1976, European Exchange has been a leading expert on transmission repair and replacement for Northern New Jersey.  We feel the budget of any ambulance squad is not to be abused, as it is required to cover all of the necessary first aid expenses.  Our understanding of ambulance transmission repair in NJ gives us an advantage because we can work best to be cost-effective.

We are equipped to handle all forms of transmissions such as:

  • Automatic transmissions
  • Manual transmissions
  • Antique transmissions
  • Classic transmissions
  • CVT transmissions
  • High performance transmissions
  • Re-manufactured transmissions

Residents depend daily on the services of first aid squads and hospitals.  Without ambulances, the life-saving duties of these volunteers and employees would not be possible.  Keep your squad running smoothly with regular maintenance.  For more information on our ambulance transmission repair in New Jersey, call European Exchange today at 201-880-6633 to speak with one of our transmission experts.

Pickup Truck Transmission Repair in Bergen County, NJ

It takes a special kind of man to drive a pickup truck. A pickup needs to be equipped to haul the heaviest of loads. You need to depend on your truck to get you to and from your job, and to go off road for a weekend camping trip. You need it to tailgate at Metlife Stadium five hours before game time. Without a working transmission, none of these things are possible. If you need pickup truck transmission repair in Bergen County NJ, European Exchange Inc has been specializing in transmissions for fine imported automobiles since 1976.

We are one of the only suppliers of imported car parts and specialize in transmission repair and rebuilding. Our employees are skilled at working with a wide variety of transmissions including :

  • Automatic
  • Manual
  • Antique
  • Classic
  • CVT
  • Marine
  • High performance
  • Truck
  • Re-manufactured

We not only work with European cars. Our staff is also experienced with pickup truck transmission repair in Bergen County NJ on domestics. We repair a variety of parts including Direct Shift Gearboxes and the X-431 import car diagnostic scan tool. Sometimes a car can appear to have transmission problems, but really have a problem with diagnostics. Engine components and various electronic sensors calculating speed sensors, input and output, air flow, throttle position, temperature can affect the transmissions ability.

It may not be a transmission bothering you at all. Our mechanics are equipped to diagnose and repair problems dealing with wheel bearings, CV joints and axles. No matter what the problem, we have nearly 40 years of experience repairing Mercedes, BMWs, Jaguars, Audis and Mini-Coopers.

Whether you own a foreign sports car or an all-American pickup truck, we are well-equipped to handle your transmission. For more information on pickup truck transmission repair in Bergen County NJ, call 201-800-6633.

NJ Limousine Transmission Repair

For as long as limousines have been around, they have been associated with luxury and reserved for special occasions like weddings and prom nights. The sleek appearance, spaciousness, inclusion of amenities and personal chauffeur all add to the appeal of a limo and help make a night more memorable. The transmission is one of the most important parts of any vehicle, and when it breaks down, you need to get it repaired or replaced if you plan to be back on the road again soon. Luckily, European Exchange has the experience and skills to perform an NJ limousine transmission repair quickly and affordably!

At European Exchange, we are the top supplier of limo transmissions in New Jersey and are able to perform repairs on automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, antique transmissions, classic transmissions, CVT transmissions, marine transmissions, high performance transmissions, truck transmissions or re-manufactured transmissions. We have been repairing New Jersey limousine transmissions since 1976 and have picked up a thing or two after all these years in the automotive field.

Along with limousine transmission repair in NJ, we also offer repair and installation services on SUVs, pickup trucks, tow trucks, plow trucks, vans, ambulances and more. Our business caters to retail customers, private garages, large-scale companies and transmission facilities, allowing us to run the gamut in terms of the work we do, and the skill set that we have.

If you own a limousine that has broken down, or just want to learn more about our NJ limousine transmission repair service, give us a call today at: 201-880-6633 to speak to a transmission expert now! 

SUV Transmission Repair in Bergen County, NJ

Do you currently drive an SUV?  If so, then you are probably the friend everyone relies on to get things done.  Maybe you are the designated driver for your annual ski and snowboard trip or you are the one to call when someone buys a new flat-screen TV.  Don’t even think about skipping out on your kids’ football practice because you need to drive the team’s equipment to the field.  However you use your SUV, you would be lost if the transmission failed and you could no longer drive it.  European Exchange specializes in SUV transmission repair in Bergen County, NJ to get you back on the road quickly.

We do not feel you should have to go bankrupt in order to fix your SUV and begin driving again.  Our understanding of your vehicle’s transmission and efficient repair and rebuild process means that we will not be overcharging you for our services.  European Exchange has been offering SUV transmission repair in Bergen County since 1976 and is equipped to service any type of transmission, such as: automatic transmission, manual transmission, antique transmission, marine transmission, CVT transmission, high-performance transmission, and truck transmission.

We not only provide SUV transmission repair in Bergen County, but we also offer transmission repair and installation for these specialty vehicles:

  • Ambulance
  • Box Truck
  • Van
  • Limousine
  • Pickup Truck
  • Tow Truck
  • Plow Truck

Don’t put your busy life on hold by letting transmission damage keep you off the road.  European Exchange can help you get back to that “to do” list faster.  For more information on our SUV transmission repair in Bergen County, NJ, give us a call at 201-880-6633 to speak with one of our transmission experts.