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Are you looking for transmission repair in NJ? European Exchange specializes in professional transmission repair in NJ.

The transmission system is responsible for getting the strength and power of the engine to the wheels, depending on the speed change to which the car moves. Among its components are the clutch, the gearbox, and the shaft, among others.

When the transmission is damaged the symptoms are very evident, although by the complexity of the system it is almost impossible for us to know exactly where the fault is. What we will notice is that it does not respond correctly when we operate the gearbox. This is why you need a professional to handle your transmission repair.

One of the symptoms of a transmission fault is when it is hard for you to switch gear. When your car has a manual gearbox and you press the clutch, you would notice that it is difficult for you to move the gear. This is a sign that you need a transmission repair.

Another reason to check your transmission is if there are noises when it is in neutral. When you are waiting for the traffic light to change with the box in neutral and you begin to hear noises, for example, it is an obvious sign that something is failing.

Another sign is the smell of burned oil. When you notice an unpleasant smell of burnt oil, the transmission is most likely overheating. Your transmission also needs inspection when the clutch jams.

When you press the clutch to change gear and we cannot because it is hooked and turns together with the engine, the problem will surely be that the clutch pedal is loose, or that the connection between the pedal and the disc has no space to disengage or that the disc is failing.

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