Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Transmission Shop in NJ

Are you looking for a transmission shop in NJ? European Exchange has been providing a variety of transmission services to many types of transmissions for over 20 years. We have the experience, knowledge and equipment to deal with issues regarding transmissions, diagnostics, maintenance, CV Joints, and many other services. 

The transmission of your vehicle works by transferring the power that is generated by the engine to the wheels and the drive axle by the use of different gears. The engine makes rotations at given speeds and the transmission uses gear ratios to match the engine power to the car’s speed. The main types of transmissions include manual transmissions, automatic transmissions and continuously variable transmissions (CVT).

Signs Your Transmission has Problems
Some transmission problems are hard to detect while others are pretty obvious. If you experience any of problems below, it is important that you have the vehicle checked by one of our transmission experts at European Exchange.

    Transmission Fails to Operate Normally
There are several indicators that your transmission is failing. One of the main indicators is the transmission hesitates and slips. When you push the pedal to rev up the engine, there is a pause before the vehicle catches up with the speed of the engine. In a manual transmission car, you find that it is hard to shift in and out of gears. You could also notice that the automatic transmission gears are coming off as you drive causing the engine to roar. 

·      Strange Vibration
If you experience strange vibrations or some unstable sensations at given speed ranges, it is an indication of a problem with a given transmission component or the whole transmission system. Such a car requires speedy repair.  

·      Warning Lights
The latest cars in the market have electronic controls and systems for easy fault detection. Most of them have an indicator that shows problem in the instrument cluster. If you find a warning light that indicated O/D, it means that the vehicle has registered an error in the transmission system, which is indicated as overdrive. A general transmission problem is indicated by the code P0700.

·      Burning and Strange Smells
 The transmission system works at high temperatures just like the engine. If there is little or no lubrication, the transmission system overheats and fails. In such a case, you may experience a strange chemical burning smell as you drive. You may also find transmission fluid leaks underneath the car.

·      Why a Transmission Repair Shop?

A transmission repair shop differs from a general auto service shop in that it specializes in transmission problems. European Exchange hires transmission system specialists with the required knowledge on a variety of transmission problems.

For more information about our transmission shop in NJ, call European Exchange today.

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