Friday, January 18, 2013

Plow Truck Transmission Repair in NJ

It is plowing season. The roads are covered with snow and everyone is counting on you to keep the roads clear so that people can return from school and work safely. Just remember: you may have the largest plow in town, but you are not plowing anything with a busted transmission. Cars will be slipping and sliding off of the roads. Cars will ram into trees and other cars. You do not want to let that happen. And it will not happen as long as you call for plow truck transmission repairs in NJ. European Exchange Inc has been specializing in transmission repairs since 1976.

We work with imported and American automobiles, and familiar with all types of speciality trucks plows, ambulances and box trucks. We work on transmissions for all types of imports including Mercedes, BMWs, Jaguars, Audis, Mini Coopers and Range Rovers. But that is just the beginning. We have worked on transmissions for hundreds of makes and models. We supply over 2500 transmission cores.

We have so many kinds of transmissions in or shop that we are like the Ben and Jerry’s of transmissions. We install and repair:

  • Automatic transmissions
  • Manual transmissions
  • Hydraulic transmissions
  • Antique transmissions
  • Classic transmissions
  • CVT transmissions
  • Plow truck transmission repair in NJ
  • Marine transmissions
  • High performance transmissions
  • Truck transmissions
  • Remanufactured transmissions

We offer honest quality work at affordable pricing, but do not just take our word for it. Customer Marc Appelbaum said, “It is all too clear to me that you could have done any number of things to generate a bill in excess of $1000, and in many cases not even have done the work. You didn’t!”

For more information on our snow plow transmission repair services in NJ, call 201-880-6633.

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