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Transmission Rebuild & Repair

Are you looking for transmission repair in NJ? European Exchange specializes in professional transmission repair in NJ. We provide repairs for European cars, American cars, and commercial vehicles.

Factors determining the estimate for a transmission rebuild service

One of the primary differences in the transmission rebuild and repair industry usually determines cost. This isn’t much of a surprise, of course - month drives most of the decisions we make, and everyone looks to maximize their savings.

While transmission repair services are generally seen as cheaper, a lot of factors actually go into determining what you have to pay. Some of these factors could include the following: 


The vehicle’s make and model

The model and make of the car is actually one of the most critical factors that can determine how most your repair cost is. Generally, here are some repair aspects that can depend on this factor:


The Vehicle’s Value

Usually, it takes much more money to fix expensive vehicles than cheap ones. For one, expensive cars come with pricey parts. At the same time, these expensive models come with greater labor expenses. Since there is a variation in value for vehicle models and manufacturers, repair costs will not be the same too.


Rarity of Parts

Some vehicles have become so old that their spare parts have now become rare. The rarer the parts, the more expensive they become.

Take collector vehicles for instance. Their parts are more expensive because they are rare. You will also need some specialist knowledge to repair some of these vehicles - a factor that can raise repair costs.


Country of Origin

A vehicle’s make and model will also determine whether it’s local or foreign. If your repair company will need to import the vehicle’s parts, then it will most likely cost more than if you can just get the parts locally.


The Scope of the Work

Your repair costs could also be influenced by the damage extent and the work required to get the transmission back to normal shape. The longer the mechanics are required to spend on the vehicle, the more expensive the repair service will be.

If you need to address issues like damaged seals and filters, you don’t need to do much work. However, if the mechanic needs to do more in-depth work, then you will need to deliver the big bucks as well.

The Type of Transmission

If you have a vehicle, it’s either got a manual or an automatic transmission system. The automatic transmission system is easier to drive, but its parts and processes are also more complicated.

The problems that affect vehicles with an automatic transmission tend to be more complex as well. So, if your vehicle has this system, you will most likely need to pay more cash. 

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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Transmission Exchange Service in NJ

Are you looking for a transmission exchange in NJ? European Exchange specializes in professional transmission exchange in NJ.

Important Transmission Repair Service Details You Should Know

Transmission repair is a significant project for anyone who owns a vehicle. However, you should know a few facts about it as well, so you don't end up missing what you should do. Below are some guidelines that will keep you in check:


When You Should Get a Transmission Service

Ideally, every vehicle owner provides instructions on when you should get a transmission service. So, be sure to check your manual to ensure that you’re staying on the right path.

Timelines for getting a transmission service will also usually vary depending on whether you’re driving an automatic or a manual vehicle. So, keep an eye out for that. Here’s a quick rundown you want to keep in mind:


The Manual Vehicles

In manual transmission cars, the primary transmission issue is that the transmission fluid gets easily contaminated. Over time, you will find that the gears and metal bearings in the transmission will start wearing down. You will find metal particles floating inside the transmission fluid, and they will reduce its ability to lubricate as it should. If you don’t find a way to remove these contaminants, they will shorten the lifespan of your vehicle’s entire transmission system.

Things get even worse when you don’t remove the transmission contaminants on time. You’ll essentially just be winding down the clock, and your transmission system will keep getting worse. In some cases, you might end up needing a transmission exchange service in NJ - as opposed to a simple transmission repair.

In general, most manufacturers will recommend that you get a transmission service whenever your vehicle completes between 30,000 to 60,000 miles in distance traveled if you’re using a manual vehicle.


The Automatic Vehicles

Automatic transmission vehicles are easier to drive, but they also create more heat. As expected, this increase in heat will cause the transmission fluid to break down and degrade as time goes on.

Also, just like you have with the manual transmission fluid, automatic transmission fluid is susceptible to receiving parts of the worn out transmission materials. If they don't get flushed in good time, they will cause a considerable degradation in the vehicle’s transmission.

For most automatic vehicles, it is recommended that you check the transmission system every 60,000 to 100,000 miles traveled.


Maintenance Services Required Between Transmission Repair

In between your transmission services, it is recommended that you regularly check the level of your transmission fluid. When you start to run low on transmission fluid, you could end up causing considerable damage to the entire transmission system. Lubrication gets shortened, and your system is left in dire need of help.

You should also be mindful of warning signs like noises. These could be indications that you have low transmission fluid. Check lights too in case there is a leak or something else wrong with the system.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Transmission Rebuild Service

Are you looking for transmission rebuild in NJ? European Exchange specializes in professional transmission rebuild in NJ. Our transmission experts have more than 40 years of experience providing customers with efficient transmission services.

Understanding the Transmission Rebuild Service

A transmission rebuild service is one of the most critical technical overhauls you could perform on a vehicle.

Like your vehicle’s engine, its transmission is made up of several interconnected  mechanical parts that will eventually wear off as you use them longer and over time. With the transmission rebuild, you essentially replace any worn-out parts - but not the entire transmission system, mind you.


Why is it Significant?

The transmission rebuild service has become popular among people looking to avoid high costs. When a vehicle’s transmission system wears off, you either have to replace the entire system or rebuild some parts. Replacing the entire system will cost you a pretty penny, and you might not have so much money on hand. So, a transmission rebuild will be a much better option for you in that case.

Brand new transmissions can almost be as costly as entire engines - especially in new, late-model vehicles. If you’re on a tight budget or would just like to avoid paying the entire price for a new transmission, a transmission rebuild will be the ideal choice for you.

With this service, your technician will inspect the vehicle’s transmission system and look at the worn-out parts. They replace these parts, essentially allowing your vehicle to function as normal again.


The Transmission System and Its Function

A vehicle transmission is a significant system. However it depends on several parts - pumps, bands, gars, and more. All of these work together to provide an effective transmission equation. In a transmission rebuild service, all main parts of the system are checked and inspected. Those that are damaged or worn out are replaced - whether with refurbished parts or brand new ones.

Why It Works

The transmission rebuild service provides a great deal of benefits, especially over the transmission replacement. It is much cheaper, with a first-grade transmission rebuild costing about half of what you’d pay for a full transmission replacement.

A transmission rebuild will also run you less time. The entire operation takes about three to four days. To put a new transmission system in a vehicle could easily take over a week, depending on how quickly the system is procured and installed.

You should also consider that a transmission rebuild will only take care of the damaged transmission system parts. This essentially saves you the stress of replacing a system that’s still in good conditions.

Great Potential for Your Vehicle

As explained, a transmission rebuild can potentially restore your vehicle’s transmission system to optimal operation. Depending on the service you get and its effectiveness, a transmission rebuild service can easily allow your car to achieve more miles in possible distance traveled.

However, note that what you get will depend on the quality of the service itself. Your technician will need to be very skilled, and the transmission rebuild service will need to be as thorough as possible.

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Transmission Rebuild Service in NJ

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Transmission Rebuild and Transmission Exchange

Are you looking for a transmission repair shop in NJ? European Exchange has been the go to transmission repair shop in NJ for car owners and car mechanics for over 40 years.

Transmission Rebuild vs. Replacement

Sometimes, when you get problems with your transmission, it isn’t so easy to choose how best to approach the problem. is the problem so big that you need a new transmission? Or perhaps it’s just a problem with some components that you can easily find solutions when you rebuild the entire transmission.

Here, we look into the nuances of transmission rebuild and transmission exchange, showing their pros and cons and the situations that could call for either.

These days, we all know that issues with vehicles can be quite terrible. You go through a great deal of stress, and you end up spending a lot of time on the problems as well. When the vehicle develops a fault, the right thing is to consider what might be wrong and what you need to do.

When you see that the transmission system is the problem, the next course of action is deciding whether you need a rebuild or a full replacement.

Rebuilding or Replacement?

Usually, the first option you have is to rebuild the transmission. However, this is hardly always the case. Most times, the components that have gone bad will cause too much damage, and you will need to get a new transmission system.

When you repair a transmission system, you’re essentially replacing the smallest number of parts. This step will save you money, preserve the remaining functional parts, and keep the vehicle’s transmission system intact.

Transmission rebuilding is generally cheaper than transmission repair.

As for transmission replacement, the name pretty much says it all. You’re essentially taking the old transmission system and replacing it with a new one, ensuring that the vehicle continues to operate.

As you can imagine, the transmission replacement is the most expensive option. Your mechanic will need to replace all components with new and modified ones. However, the process is generally more rewarding. Since most replacements are done to factory settings, you can rest assured that the new transmission system will work as it should at all times.

Really, the only demerit of transmission replacement is that it is generally costlier than the rebuild option.

The Need for Professionals

It is important that you get the right professionals to diagnose your vehicle and apply the right fixes. Quality contractors will be able to examine the vehicle to find out what might be wrong with it. From there, they can recommend the right solutions and even get to work on the vehicle.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Transmission Repair Shop in NJ

Are you looking for a transmission repair shop in NJ? European Exchange has been the go to transmission repair shop in NJ for car owners and car mechanics for over 40 years.

What aa transmission repair shop does

Transmission repair shops are an essential service for people who have vehicles and would like to keep them operational. In this piece, we take a look at their responsibilities and how they can help you:

Repairing transmission systems

It goes without saying, of course. The primary task for a transmission repair shop is to make fixes to your vehicle’s transmission system.

While auto body shops focus on your vehicle’s structure, transmission repair shops in NJ focus on the transmission system. This system is incredibly complex, essentially comprising a series of components that work in tandem. If there is any problem, you need the right experts.

To be fair, some transmission repair operations are rather simple. Some parts of the system are even accessible with the system still in the vehicle. However, some components can only be accessed when you take out the transmission system from the vehicle’s chassis. Working on these parts will require some additional work.

Rebuilding transmission systems

Sometimes, it is almost impossible to pin-point the problem facing your transmission system. In these cases, the components have become so damaged that you need to replace them. This is where a transmission rebuild will be necessary.

This process is also known as a transmission overhaul, and it requires disassembling the system one piece after the another. The specialists will inspect each component. Depending on its condition, they might need to clean the component or replace it entirely.

Transmission fluid change

Sometimes, the simple solution to your problem will be changing the transmission fluid. If the transmission system suffers internal damage, that could end up affecting the transmission fluid. Ultimately, the entire system is in jeopardy.

Many believe that adding more fluid will help the situation. However, damage to the transmission fluid is a vicious cycle that will only make things worse. In this case, you need to flush out the transmission fluid completely and replace it with new fluid.

Inspecting the transmission system

Most vehicle manufacturers provide schedules for you to inspect the optimal operation of the transmission system. You definitely can’t do this yourself. So, you can take the car to a transmission repair shop and have them examine it.

Whether there is a problem or not, it is always recommended that you speak to transmission repair experts for them to check your system out from time to time. With an inspection, experts can check to see if there is any impending issue and provide recommendations on how to fix it.

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Monday, December 28, 2020

European Transmission Repair

Are you looking for a transmission repair shop in NJ? European Exchange has been the go to transmission repair shop in NJ for car owners and car mechanics for over 40 years.

Understanding the possible transmission repair scenarios

Transmissions are actually one of the most important components of a vehicle. Essentially, they carry the power of your car’s engine to the drive axle by using different gears. This way, they allow the car to switch speeds easily and maintain its course.

There are different signs that can show you if you need to fix your transmission here are a few:

Fluid Smells

When the transmission fluid emits a burned smell, then you most likely need to get a check and fix a faulty transmission component.


Faulty transmission will give an unusual grinding, humming, or clunking sound. This is especially true when you’re driving and the car is in neutral.

You can also get some grinding noises if you’re trying to shift and the vehicle’s clutch stays engaged. At the same time, there can be a grinding or thumping sound when the transmission is faulty. This will most likely be caused by a lack of smooth transition when the gear shift changes positions.

Stubborn Transition

This is one of the most prominent signs of a transmission problem. In some cases, you will find that the transmission will slip back into the neutral position or change between positions when you’re driving. Most European transmission repair shops will recommend that you immediately get a new transmission system if this happens.

You can also notice a lag when you switch gears, along with higher-than-normal RPMs for a switch in speed.

Possible Transmission Repair Services

Transmission repair services vary quite a lot. So, here are a few that you might need:

Fluid Change

You can either have a full fluid change based on the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications, or you could have a transmission fluid and filter change.

Vehicle manufacturers provide a transmission fluid change schedule, so try to keep to it as much as you can.

Transmission Flush

With the transmission flush, you essentially take out all slime and sludge that has accumulated in the transmission system. The repair shop will take out the old oil, then apply new oil and cleaning solutions to remove all debris.

Rebuild or Replacement

It is also possible that the transmission system fails or stops working entirely. In this case, a mechanic will recommend a rebuild or a replacement. 

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Transmission Exchange

 Are you looking for a transmission exchange? European Exchange specializes in professional transmission exchange.

Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Repair

 Transmission repair happens sooner for some kind of vehicles than others especially if the vehicle is driven quite regularly. Depending on if the means the transmission needs to be serviced, rebuilt or replaced European Exchange has got you covered. Depending on how long the car has been driven with transmission issues, and how much damage has been done, all issues will be properly identified and sorted by European Exchange.

It is important to note that signs can be noted and work on when the transmission is starting to fail. It is important that these signs are handled by an automobile specialist and not neglected when they begin to show up. Listed below are some kinds of warning signs which might indicate transmission repair:

  • Grinding between gears

If while changing gears, a grinding sound (or shaking sound is heard in a manual or automatic transmission, then it can be a pointer for Transmission repair. It is important that the services of experts like European Exchange are sought to prevent escalation into more destructive issues.

  • Unusual noises 

Transmission trouble is indicated when unusual noises are produced in vehicles. If your car sounds excessively noisy while in neutral it should not be ignored. It is important that every anomaly is fixed.

  • Problems with shifting gears

Gears are an integral part of the transmission in a car. When irregularities are noticed with shifting gears, with symptoms such as; falling out of gear while driving, shifting gears without cause, hesitation when putting the car into gear, and jerking when shifting gears, it can certainly be an indication that you need transmission repair (although it can mean numerous other things).

  • Cloudy transmission fluid

When the transmission fluid (which normally has a bright red colour accompanied by a sweet smell) suddenly appears dark and opaque, it can be a red alert of your vehicle requiring transmission repair.

  • Leaking transmission fluid

When the red transmission fluid is suddenly being seen on your driveway, it signifies a leak. A leak doesn’t necessarily mean your transmission is going bad, but professional services can help.

  • Burning odor

The smell of transmission fluid (a burning odour) can indicate that your car needs professional attention. 

European Exchange has got you covered peradventure you may be considering transmission servicing or transmission repair. European Exchange has built a solid reputation for high quality over the years. 

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